Lansing Community College


Academic Information

The procedures below apply to general academic information including those related to grades and academic standing, as well as the requirements and effects of repeating a course.

Admissions Information

The information below covers procedures related to the admissions process and includes information specific to various student types.

Graduation Requirements, Certificates & Degrees

The information below includes the requirements needed to be awarded a certificate or degree, including General Education requirements, and the application process. In addition, information is provided on the process to request an accommodation for students with disabilities.

Registration Information

Below is information regarding the process to register for classes, including placement tests/levels, credit requirements for full-time/part-time status, and making schedule adjustments. In addition, information regarding withdrawal from a class is included.

Student General Rules, Guidelines, & Codes of Conduct

Below are policies related to student conduct, and the process to submit an appeal or complaint.

Student Records

In addition to the FERPA policy, the information below includes transcript requests and the retention of student records.

Incoming Transfer Credits

The information below describes alternative methods to obtain credit toward a degree or certificate, including transfer credit, credit for licensure/certification, and credits earned during military service.

Tuition & Fees Information

Below are policies related to the calculation of tuition based on residency and veteran status, the payment of those fees, and the refund policy.


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