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Ask the President

Do you have a question for Dr. Robinson? Ask him. In his monthly video series, Hangin' with Dr. Robinson, he'll answer your questions and more.

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Starting in August, check out Dr. Robinson's video series following his journey as LCC president. He will answer submitted questions, provide updates and share what he's up to around town.

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President's Blog

Dr. Robinson's monthly blog covering current events, trends and changes in higher education, what's next at LCC and more.

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Teachable Moment

A podcast-style interview program about LCC people, the cool and interesting stuff they know and how those ideas apply to daily life.


RT @DrPaulaPando: Proud to begin our work with ATD this fall. Kindred spirits! #equity #why

Our drive-thru @LCCStars Beyond the Book pickup is happening now in the first level of the Gannon Ramp. Bicycles ar…

RT @AspenHigherEd: "America's safety net" is community college, and many are missing out, reports @ElissaNadworny in this @npr_ed piece fe…

I'm still having fun on @instagram posting pics from @LCCStars campus locations and Greater Lansing. It's a fun way…

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