For more than 60 years, the LCC Foundation has awarded scholarships in support of excellence, be it academic, athletic or artistic. Each year, the LCC Foundation awards more than 380 scholarships totaling more than $500,000, making an enormous difference for those for whom higher education would be otherwise out of reach.

LCC Foundation scholarships are fed and energized when you DONATE. Your money is then distributed to a student, so LCC can EDUCATE that student. Upon graduation, the education provided by your donation empowers that student to ELEVATE our community.


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More than $10 Million Awarded to Programs and Capital Projects



Your Donation Elevates Education

The impact of the LCC Foundation is broad and our efforts, through the fruits of your generosity, keep our community educated and strong. Since 2008, the Foundation has provided more than $11 million in charitable contributions, more than $6 million in scholarships, more than $10 million to programs and capital projects and more than $13 million in endowed funds, resulting in more than 380 scholarships awarded annually, and so much more.

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Scholarships change lives, build healthier communities and strengthen our regional economy.

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LCC programs rely on your gifts. Designate a program to receive your gift today.

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LCC Cares

Through Academic Success Coaches, facilitation of basic logistical needs or general academic support, LCC Cares keeps our students working toward their goals.

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About Us

The Lansing Community College Foundation believes that a lack of financial resources should not be an obstacle to education for anyone.  The generosity of our donors changes lives, enriches the community, and helps to build a strong workforce, which leads to economic prosperity.

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