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A reminder from the Office of Student Compliance while the College is operating in an online environment: Students must continue to comply with Title IX and the Student Code of Conduct and General Rules and Guidelines. In addition, our Behavior Intervention Team is active. We will continue to support students and the College community with reporting, response, and referral. Please contact us at 517-483-1261 or and we will return any messages promptly.

  1. Lansing Community College is concerned with the safety, health, and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and community. The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) works to promote the sharing of information internally when significant circumstances pertaining to the health and safety of LCC's students arise. Members of the Team intake and assess information, take action when necessary and track details about behavior concerns noted on campus. The Team links students of concern to appropriate medical and counseling services either on or off campus while balancing the individual's rights with the rights of all others for safety.
  2. The BIT convenes on an ad hoc basis to review specific cases that require immediate attention, as well as a minimum of every two weeks during the year to review new and monitored cases and provide cross training among the team. The BIT provides administrators, faculty, staff and students with one place to report their concerns about a student's behavior that may pose a threat to the individual student and/or other students, faculty, staff or the community.
  3. BIT Referrals:
    1. Person states intent to harm him/herself;
    2. Person states intent to harm others;
    3. Student demonstrates erratic behaviors that significantly disrupt the learning or working environment.

BIT Reports

BIT reports can be submitted for students of concern. Some examples of BIT reports include but not limited to: self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt, talk of suicide or suicidal action; erratic behavior (including online behavior) that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings, threats of safety to campus or the community and alcohol and drug use to name a few.

Make a Report

BIT Process

  1. Members of the LCC community may refer students of concern to the (BIT) using our online reporting system. However, if you feel that there is an immediate threat or danger, please contact LCC Police and Public Safety at 517-483-1800 immediately to report the concern.
  2. Reports should include a detailed narrative of the behavior you witnessed that concerned you. Following the report, a member of the BIT will receive the information and conduct a preliminary investigation and to determine next steps.

Behavioral Intervention Team Membership




Student Affairs
Christine Thompson
Director of Student Compliance/Student Title IX Coordinator
BIT - Chair GB 1210
Susan Muma
Associate Dean, Campus Resources for Student Support
Campus Resources for Student Support GB StarZone
LCC Police Department
Rodney Bahl
LCC Police Department GB 2110
Bill French
Director/ Chief
LCC Police Department GB 2110
Timothy Davis
LCC Police Department GB 2110
Pamela Davis
Campus Resources for Student Support GB StarZone
Louise Rabidoux
Campus Resources for Student Support GB StarZone
Monica Del Castillo
Campus Resources for Student Support GB StarZone
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Student Compliance

Room 1210 Gannon Building
Phone: 517-483-1261
FAX: 517-483-1629

Director of Student Compliance:
Christine Thompson

Student Title IX Investigator/Conduct Officer:
Lisa Anzicek

Student Compliance Liaison:
Taylor Stevens