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Adopted Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2004
Regular Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.

Roll Call

Present: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Absent: Canady

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Kathy Kuhn - My name is Kathy Kuhn. I'm with an organization called People for Positive Social Change at LCC and we had drafted a copy of a resolution against parts of the Patriot Act. It was revised and we have a copy?there's a copy in the agenda and I?d like to raise support for this. In terms of the conflict that could happen with higher education and the freedom of information?especially?also with international students who can be negatively affected by some of the terms of the Patriot Act. As we may know there are people who have been detained, especially people of middle-eastern background, for long periods of time without access to counsel; without being charged with any crime and so it's rather?in fact the Patriot Act is a 3,000 page document, but within that document there are certain things in there that (inaudible) for people in this country. And, so, I would just like to voice support for that. If you could all even maybe read it it's easier than me reading it and I would recommend to the Board that if this does pass, as I would hope that it does, it would be part of a concerted effort that's going on around the country. The states of Hawaii and Alaska as well as many, many organizations like the New York Library Association, etc., etc., etc., have passed resolutions including the Lansing City Council, Meridian Township, etc., but if this does pass I would recommend that copies of the resolution are not only posted around the Lansing Community College campus, but as well are sent to representatives in the state, local, and federal government. Thank you.

Public Hearing

The Board published a notice on Monday, May 10, 2004 of this public hearing on the budget for the 2004-2005 fiscal year, which the College proposes to levy 3.8544 mills. This millage rate is the amount of millage to be levied to support the fiscal year 2004-2005 and the approval of the budget by the Board of Trustees will meet the requirements of the truth in taxation statute for levy of the proposed mills.

Chairperson Laverty opened the floor for comments.

There were no comments from the public.

Chairperson Laverty closed the public hearing.


Chairperson Laverty adjusted his report. He announced that the recipient of the National Community College Month scholarship was present. He asked President Cunningham to elaborate.

President Cunningham stated that for the past 10 years, Lansing Community College has issued a 24-credit scholarship to the first baby born on April 1 in celebration of National Community College Month. She announced that Jos?Robert Guti?rez was this year?s recipient born to Jos?and Renee Guti?rez. President Cunningham stated that Ms. Renee Guti?rez is a teacher for Waverly Schools and Mr. Jos?Guti?rez is a student at Lansing Community College and works at an elementary school. She asked them to stand and be recognized.

Ms. Guti?rez thanked the College for helping Jos?start off on the right foot.

President Cunningham thanked Chairperson Laverty for having accompanied her to the hospital when the baby was born.

President Cunningham and Chairperson Laverty thanked the Guti?rez family for taking time out of their busy schedule to be in attendance.

Patriot Act Resolution

Chairperson Laverty presented the Patriot Act Resolution for the Board's approval.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Murray to approve the Patriot Act Resolution.

Chairperson Laverty announced that there was a minor change to section four on the second page. The name John Ashcroft was removed and it only reads ?the Attorney General.? He said it did not need to be that specific.

Trustee Rasmusson stated that he would be voting against it. He said the fascist might have been able to beat us and in the late 1970?s the communists were close to strategic victory, but he doesn?t think the terrorists will prevail unless we move the moral high ground. Trustee Rasmusson said he is not enthusiastic about the restrictions, but he will be voting against it.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor
Nays: Rasmusson
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Ballot Proposal Resolution

Chairperson Laverty presented the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Ballot Proposal Resolution for the Board's approval.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Murray to approve the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Ballot Proposal Resolution.

There was no discussion.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Board Development Session

Chairperson Laverty stated that Ms. Carolyn Bailey has been selected as the facilitator for the Board development session. He gave a brief background on Ms. Bailey. Chairperson Laverty announced that the dates for the session are the evening of Thursday, June 17 and the morning of Friday, June 18. Prior to these dates Ms. Bailey will be conducting telephone interviews with the Trustees; and the interviews should last about an hour. He asked the Trustees to call Ms. Norma Mendez to schedule the times and dates with Ms. Bailey.

Trustee Brannan asked if there was an outline of what she will be asking the Trustees.

Chairperson Laverty asked Mr. Howard to forward the list of questions she will be asking the Trustees.

Chairperson Laverty stated that the goal of the session is to improve the trust and communication levels in order to enhance the effectiveness of the Board. He hoped this would only be the first session of several the Board will have over the next couple of years. He sees the long term goals for the Board are improving the effectiveness of the Board's strategic thinking; focusing on long-term vision; monitoring the organization?s performance; learn how to be effective stewards of the College; the Board's role in systems thinking; and continued improvement of Board processes.


Chairperson Laverty reported on the following items he was involved with:

? April 21 - Capital Area Higher Education Network Outstanding Adult Learner Awards held at Cooley Law School. He was there representing a GM UAW employee, but he was pleased to see that Ms. Jean Morciglio received an award that evening from Michigan State University.

? April 23 - Press Conference at the M-TEC? regarding a partnership between Lansing Community College and HAAS Machine Tools.

? May 1 - Save A Life Day.

? May 3 - Distinguished Alumni Dinner.

? May 6 - Regional Economic Development Team meeting.

? May 7 - 42nd Fire Academy Graduation.

? May 11 - Workforce Development Board sponsored a labor market manufactured seminar.

? May 12 - Foundation Scholarship Breakfast.

Chairperson Laverty reported that he had the opportunity to present Lansing Community College scholarships at Mason High School on May 13. He encouraged other Trustees to participate.

Chairperson Laverty asked Trustee Proctor to report on the 37th annual Student Recognition Banquet on May 7.

Trustee Proctor reported that he attended the recognition banquet and he also attended the Foundation scholarship breakfast on May 12.

Trustee Murray gave a brief report on graduation held on May 14. She said it was a fun evening and it was one of the more moving things to see. The relationship between faculty and students was very impressive. Trustee Murray felt it was a wonderful celebration.

Chairperson Laverty reminded the Board of the Vietnam Veterans Golf Benefit coordinated by Mr. Bob Baldwin on June 3rd at Eldorado Golf Course, and of the Michigan Community College Association summer workshop July 22-24. He asked President Cunningham to provide an update on the success of the Women?s softball team.

President Cunningham reported that the Women?s Softball Team won its fifth consecutive National Junior College Athletic Association Division II regional championship with victories over Glen Oaks and Grand Rapids on Saturday, May 15. The team is on their way to Iowa to play in the national championship. She thanked everyone that has supported the softball team. President Cunningham recognized them for being a superior team and expressed how everyone is very proud of them. She expressed what a wonderful coach Bob Every is and how much the players adore and respect him.

Board Member Reports

Trustee Robert Proctor - Workforce Development Board

Trustee Proctor reported that he attended the last meeting on May 5. He stated that WorkFirst programs were discussed, but did not give a report on this area since there was a spotlight scheduled regarding WorkFirst. Trustee Proctor reported that Capital Area Michigan Works! is receiving an additional $46,000 on the Workforce Investment Act for dislocated workers. This program provides core, intensive training for individuals 18 years of age and older who have lost their jobs. Recently Capital Area Michigan Works! advertised for a request for proposal for funding for programs to increase high school completion in the capital region. The amount of the funding is $334,000 and 30% of which must be used for public school youth. Trustee Proctor shared a document regarding President Bush?s job training initiatives and asked that it be sent to the Board at a later time.

Trustee Thomas Rasmusson - Audit Committee Rules

Trustee Rasmusson presented the audit committee rules to the Board (the rules are on file with the official Board materials.)

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Rasmusson and supported by Trustee Proctor to approve the audit committee rules.

Trustee Pelleran complimented Trustee Rasmusson for his leadership on the Audit Committee.

Chairperson Laverty asked Mr. Howard if the rules were reviewed by the College's legal counsel and auditor.

Mr. Howard responded yes.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Trustee Pelleran reported that she attended the College's Cinco de Mayo celebration on April 30. She felt it was a wonderful event. Trustee Pelleran recognized Herminia Ortega and Raul Martinez for their excellent work in organizing the event. She said the Everett High School mariachi band, which is the only high school band of this type in the area, was present and gave a tremendous performance. Trustee Pelleran also reported that she attended a dinner held on campus regarding Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka. This event was co-sponsored by the Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission and the Legislative Black Caucus. She said it was a wonderful occasion which helped mark a historical event that facilitated more opportunities for African-Americans, other students of color, and for women. Trustee Pelleran apologized for not having attended graduation on May 14, but a family matter required her attention. She indicated it was the first time since she has served on the Board that she missed graduation.

President's REPORT

President Cunningham thanked the Board for their active involvement in College activities. She also thanked everyone that supported Ms. Debbie Byrne?s ?Song from the Heart? celebration on Sunday. President Cunningham felt it was an outstanding event and expressed how proud she was of the Performing Arts Department.

Informational Items

College Spotlight - WorkFirst

President Cunningham asked Mr. Chris Holman, Executive Director of the Business & Community Institute, to introduce the presenters.

Mr. Holman introduced Ms. Maggie Sayles the Director of the WorkFirst Program.

Ms. Sayles thanked the Board for the opportunity to present on WorkFirst. She provided a PowerPoint presentation which highlighted the WorkFirst Program (the presentation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Ms. Sayles introduced two WorkFirst clients, Ms. Misty Allen and Ms. Charina McCullem.

Ms. Allen stated that WorkFirst has helped her family immensely. The program provided her a future off of welfare. She has learned to be successful in her job and in her personal life. Ms. Allen took the long-term care nurse aid training and successfully completed the course with a 4.0. She thanked the Board for allowing her to utilize the resources on campus and the ability to rewrite her future.

Ms. McCullem shared that she is a single mother of five children. She has been in the program for eight months and is currently working toward her small business management degree. Ms. McCullem stated that the WorkFirst Program provided information on how to maintain employment and advance in her chosen career field. She shared that the WorkFirst staff are always willing to assist her with her homework, job search, and interview techniques.

Ms. Sayles read a letter on behalf of Ms. Camona Richardson who was unable to be present due to childcare conflicts.

Ms. Sayles introduced the following WorkFirst staff members that were present: Mr. Brian Telfor, Ms. Virginia Stirling, and Ms. Sheryl Patry.

There was a question and answer period after the presentation.

Chairperson Laverty thanked Ms. Sayles for her presentation on behalf of the Board and President Cunningham.

Human Resources



Marcy Baumann, Faculty, Writing, Communications, Liberal Studies

Leslie Farris, Faculty, Writing, Communications,Liberal Studies

Diane Goff, Faculty, Writing, Communications, Liberal Studies

Dan Harned, Faculty, Math and Computer Science, Math and Computer Science, Liberal Studies

Jeff Janowick, Faculty, History, Humanities, Liberal Studies

Lansing Township Downtown Development Authority

President Cunningham stated that copies of a letter from the College's local legislators were available for public inspection. The letter was signed by the following legislators: Senator Virgil Bernero, Senator Patricia Birkholz, Senator Alan Cropsey, Senator Valde Garcia, Representative Dianne Byrum, Representative Mike Murphy, Representative Susan Tabor, Representative Gretchen Whitmer, and Representative Larry Julian. For the record President Cunningham read a portion of the letter, ?Although we understand the desire of the Township to encourage growth and development within its borders, we are also acutely aware of LCC's mission to provide critical education and training, and the fact that the tax dollars Lansing Township seeks to capture were voted on by the taxpayers of this region to support education, not commercial and residential development.? The letter also stated in part for both parties to engage in good-faith negotiations; however, if we are unsuccessful this legislative body will assume their role as public officials and will work to advance efforts in both the House and Senate which would impose a legislative solution to the dispute that is consistent with the current state of DDA law. She said that the letter is in support of the College's position and it is almost unheard of to have received that many signatures on a letter.

President Cunningham thanked Ms. Sandy Lewis, who serves as the College's local lobbyist from Muchmore, Harrington and Smalley, for doing an outstanding job in ensuring the College's message was forwarded. She thanked Chairperson Laverty for his support in meeting with legislators. President Cunningham encouraged everyone to thank those legislators for their support.

Out-of-District Service Needs

President Cunningham asked Vice President Ruth Borger to address this agenda item.

Vice President Borger stated that Lansing Community College was founded in 1957 to serve the higher education and economic developments needs of this community. Over the years these needs have changed as the community has changed. The economic and workforce development needs are changing as evidenced by the closings of major industries and businesses. These changes, along with the Governor?s call for higher education institutions to educate more college graduates, and continuous budget reductions cause the College to think about every dollar being expended to the highest needs. This resulted in a strategic initiative to examine out-of-district service needs and how best to respond to those. An internal task force has been working on this initiative and researching the community needs. Three major areas have been identified: St. Johns, Eaton Rapids, and Charlotte. Options to finance service to these areas, which includes an invitation to these districts to consider joining the LCC tax district, have also been explored. Research has demonstrated the following things: the College is extremely highly regarded, is considered a high-quality institution comparable to four-year institutions including MSU, is considered a first-choice institution, and there is interest in joining the tax district. College representatives are interested in sharing this information with community leaders, but more importantly to learn about their community needs and possible ways to continue to service them.

Action Items

April 19 Special Meeting/Budget Workshop and April 19 Regular Meeting Minutes

President Cunningham presented the meeting minutes for the Board's approval.

Trustee Proctor referred to page 4 of the April 19 regular meeting minutes, under Board member reports. He said he didn?t think the word ?involved? was included in his statements.

2003-2004 Budget Reconciliation

President Cunningham asked Vice President Barbara Larson to review the budget reconciliation. She thanked the Board for their time and commitment in getting familiar with the budget.

Vice President Larson presented the 2003-2004 budget reconciliation to the Board for their approval (the reconciliation is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Pelleran recommended that the Board vote on each item separately as the Board reviews each item.

There was no objection to Trustee Pelleran?s recommendation.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Murray to approve the 2003-2004 budget reconciliation as presented by the administration.

There was no discussion.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

2004-2005 Proposed Budget

President Cunningham stated that there was one change in the budget package that was presented last month. The budget package, included in the Board packet, does not include a three-year tuition increase proposal, but it includes a one-year tuition increase. President Cunningham shared that the Michigan Community College Association has taken a position that the State does not dictate what the colleges should do regarding their tuition increases. However, the College will be keeping tuition below the consumer price index level. She asked Vice President Larson to present the proposed budget.

Vice President Larson presented the 2004-2005 proposed budget which was included in the Board packet (it is on file with the official Board materials.)

Trustee Pelleran moved to amend the budget as follows: keep in-district tuition at the current rate of $54 with a zero increase, increase out-of-district and out-of-state tuition by an additional 50 cents. She said this would change the yield from $450,000 to $325,000.

Trustee Pelleran?s motion to amend the budget failed due to lack of support.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Rasmusson and supported by Trustee Proctor to approve the 2004-05 proposed budget as presented by the administration.

Trustee Rasmusson stated that from looking at it from a broad point of view a remarkable thing has been going on at LCC. The College has been increasing tuition at an arithmetic rate; whereas the four-year universities are going up in a geometric rate. The net effect is over time we will see lower and lower cost to education for our community.

Trustee Pelleran expressed concern about increasing parking fees over the next two years without reviewing it again next year. She felt that we would not be giving due diligence to this issue by putting an automatic increase for next year and raising it an additional 20 cents considering rates had not been raised since 1994. Trustee Pelleran would like to see an amendment on the parking rates and would prefer to save next year?s decisions on the budget for next year.

President Cunningham explained that one of the reasons for increasing parking rates is the maintenance and repair work that is needed. The original proposal was to double the increase this year; however, it would be less painful to spread out the increase over two years. Staff have calculated a need for setting aside funds for necessary repairs to the parking structure.

Trustee Murray expressed gratitude toward her fellow Board members and the administration for their willingness and patience in taking time to answer questions and assist in her learning curve. She said the issue of the tuition increase is something she has seriously thought about since the Board began discussing it months ago. What has stayed with her is the number of conversations the Board has had about what a tremendous value an education from LCC is in comparison to what other community colleges in the state charge. She felt it is important that we be very careful about attaching the appropriate price to the service that is offered at LCC. With the work and decisions made by former Boards, particularly with the new facilities that will serve LCC students, she wants to be very cautious about protecting those initial investments and ensuring that the funds are available to see those projects through to completion. She said this has not been easy; however, she will be voting in support of the increase in tuition as proposed in the budget. Trustee Murray requested that a future agenda item be a discussion of the College's financial situation vis a vis the fund balance. There are different opinions regarding what level the fund balance should be at. She felt that it is important that the Board have a discussion on where they envision the fund balance in the future similar to how former Boards have looked at building projects.

Trustee Brannan stated that he is not in support of the parking fee increases and therefore, will not be supporting the current motion.

Trustee Pelleran asked Trustee Rasmusson to accept a friendly amendment to increase parking by 20 cents in this budget and then review it again next year.

Trustee Rasmusson responded that not having had enough time to reflect on her suggestion; he would not accept her friendly amendment.

Trustee Murray asked if the parking rate increase is the only item that extends beyond this budget year.

Staff responded yes.

Trustee Murray said that was a concern with the tuition, and she would also prefer a one year increase in parking rates.

Trustee Pelleran stated that she would prefer that the Board vote down the current motion and revise the budget with a second motion that removes the 2nd year parking rate increase and vote on the budget to include only a one year increase.

Trustee Rasmusson opposed Trustee Pelleran?s recommendation. He said parking spaces cost between $10,000 and $30,000 each and the College has been very efficient with its parking and it is important to budget far ahead.

Chairperson Laverty stated the College's parking rates are reasonable compared to the City and Michigan State University?s rates. He could not understand voting down the entire budget based only on the 20 cent increase. Chairperson Laverty stated he would be supporting the administration?s recommendation.

Trustee Murray questioned the rationale for setting the amount of increase for next year at this point in time versus adopting it next year.

President Cunningham responded that one of the reasons is that the College is trying to grow its parking reserves. Currently Star Card costs are absorbed by the College, and the College has been subsidizing parking; therefore, the institution needs to replenish funds so monies are not pulled from other areas to subsidize parking related expenses. There are also future necessary maintenance and repairs.

Vice President Larson stated that there is preliminary work being done with parking consultants regarding the potential of adding a new parking structure behind the new administration building. It is estimated that the structure would cost approximately $8 to $9 million to build a structure of 442 spaces.

Trustee Pelleran felt that since this is preliminary then it doesn?t necessitate a decision from the Board now for next year?s increase. Since there is a regular budget cycle every year this issue would surface again and it would give the Board enough time to review this issue. She also felt that there would be a less need for parking due to the movement of the technical training activities from the main campus to the M-TEC where the College is subsidizing parking completely free of charge to everyone. Trustee Pelleran felt that there is not a demand to deal with this issue right now and she would like to postpone it.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Brannan to amend the current motion on the proposed budget to remove increasing the parking rates by 20 cents for the second year.

Trustee Murray asked if a portion of the funds generated by the increase in parking rates would begin a reserve for future parking spaces.

Vice President Larson responded, yes, that potential was discussed.

Trustee Murray asked if the issue was future parking.

Vice President Larson responded that it also includes ongoing expenditures for parking operations as they continue to increase. Currently, the College is paying $160,000 to the City of Lansing to lease parking spaces. Costs have risen in part to the College providing better parking services than it was five years ago. With the M-TEC the College will be essentially subsidizing 715 spaces and maintenance for those spaces will be needed as well. Vice President Larson stated that she is not suggesting that this money be earmarked only for the reserve because there will be additional parking costs as more spaces are added at the West Campus.

Trustee Murray stated that since the College will not be charging for parking at the West Campus, is there a clear picture now of how much of the revenue generated by the increase will be set aside.

Vice President Larson responded that a majority could be set aside.

President Cunningham stated that the funds could go towards replacing or expanding current parking.

Trustee Pelleran repeated that these are only preliminary discussions and the need is unknown. She asked if there has been consideration to adding a parking fee at the West Campus and also at other campuses Lansing Community College operates.

President Cunningham responded that there has been discussion regarding adding a gate to the facility if needed, and the College could add a parking fee if it becomes necessary. She stated that it is not uncommon throughout the state for community colleges that have more than one campus to charge for parking at one campus and not at another.

Trustee Pelleran stated one of the items of discussion that was on the table is that fees would be used for maintenance and construction at the West Campus. She said if the increase will go toward the maintenance and construction of the parking at the West Campus there ought to be some consideration for those folks paying their fair share and not just arbitrarily increasing parking on a two-year basis. Trustee Pelleran felt that the need hasn?t been identified. She asked if there has been, along with the preliminary discussions, consideration of whether or not the need to rent space from the City will diminish once the move to the West Campus occurs.

Vice President Larson responded yes, that had been discussed. If the number of spaces needed from the City decreases, then the savings and the additional revenue could pay debt service payments if a parking structure was built.

Chairperson Laverty restated the amendment for the record: the 20 cent parking fee increase for the second year be omitted from the budget. He asked for a roll call vote.

Roll call vote on the amendment:
Ayes: Brannan, Pelleran
Nays: Laverty, Murray, Proctor, Rasmusson
Absent: Canady

Amendment failed.

Chairperson Laverty asked for a roll call vote on the 2004-05 proposed budget as presented by the administration.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: Brannan
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

Annual Results Inventory Report - Student Learning Outcomes & Stakeholder Satisfaction

President Cunningham asked Dr. Bill Brown to present the report.

Dr. Brown presented the annual results inventory report, which was included in the Board packet (it is on file with the official Board materials.)

There was a question and answer period throughout the presentation.

Finance - Approval of Bids

President Cunningham asked Ms. Beckie Beard to review the bids.

Ms. Beard presented the following bids for the Board's approval.

  1. Staliflex Welding Fume Extraction for the M-TEC building in the amount of $192,128.80. The bid was awarded to Purity Cylinder Gas of Lansing, Michigan.

  2. Concrete for the HHPSC building in the amount of $529,700. The bid was awarded to Kares Construction of Charlotte, Michigan.

  3. Painting and Wall Covering for the HHPSC building in the amount of $310,292. The bid was awarded to Trident National Corporation from Detroit, Michigan.

  4. Arts & Sciences 4th Floor renovations Phase One - Laboratory Casework and Equipment in the amount of $115,932. The bid was awarded to Farnell Equipment from Troy, Michigan.

  5. Security Assessment Services in the amount of $103,000. The bid was awarded to Neohapsis of Chicago, Illinois.

Trustee Pelleran had questions regarding the A&S 4th floor renovations bid. She thought this area had been torn up three times and renovated in the last four years. She asked if those rooms are used exclusively for labs or are they used to do lecture and lab. If they are used to do lecture and lab, could we at this time make sure they are used exclusively for labs and keep the lectures at a different location so that we can maximize our lab space there and not renovate them again this year. With the new health training facility there should be ample lab room.

Vice President Larson responded that there have been renovations made in the Arts & Sciences building over the years; however, not to the same rooms. It has been part of a plan to renovate the Science labs because the facility is over 30 years old and the Science enrollment is increasing. The renovations are being made on the same floor, but not to the same area. Vice President Larson listed the various renovations that have been completed in the Arts and Sciences building over the years.

Trustee Pelleran asked if the room that is scheduled for renovation is being used exclusively for labs right now or are lectures also being given in that room. If so, she asked if it were possible that lectures could be given in another room to free up the space for lab usage.

Dr. Gary Knippenberg, Dean of the Liberal Studies Division, responded that what is driving the construction is what is good for students. The Science faculty is trying to achieve integrated labs and lecture so the rooms are being designed to accommodate this need, which is consistent with current guidelines for instruction in Science.

Trustee Pelleran asked if there will be sufficient lab space once the health training facility is open.

Dr. Knippenberg responded that what was driving the need for additional lab space is the health careers area. At the current time they cannot provide enough sections, for example, of anatomy and physiology to support the health programs. This is part of a 10-year plan and it will allow the College to keep up with the demand in health careers and particularly in the biological sciences.

Trustee Pelleran asked if those labs currently can be utilized as is for lab use only without the lecture and if it is absolutely necessary to have it in the same room. She also asked if once the health training facility is open would that alleviate the need for excess space.

Dr. Knippenberg responded that there are no plans in the health building to have science labs. In terms of necessity, it is absolutely necessary. At most colleges they leave 30 to 40 minutes between labs for set up; however, Lansing Community College schedules labs 10 minutes apart from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and again starting at 8:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. He said the current space is being used to the maximum amount.

Trustee Pelleran asked again if there are no laboratory training classrooms planned to be built in the health training facility.

Dean William Darr responded that Liberal Studies provides the prerequisites for the health careers programs. Therefore, chemistry, physics or similar labs will not be housed in the new health care facility. As enrollment increases in the health careers programs there is more demand for the Science classes.

Trustee Pelleran asked if there is absolutely no future consideration for doing preliminary classes for health training in the health training facility.

Dr. Knippenberg responded that it is important to have support for your labs in one location otherwise the preparation areas are duplicated. Therefore, the science facilities have been maintained in one location.

Trustee Pelleran requested that the Board vote separately on the A&S 4th floor renovations bid.

Trustee Murray supported Trustee Pelleran?s request.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Proctor and supported by Trustee Murray to approve the remaining action items of the President's report except for the Arts & Sciences 4th Floor Renovations bid.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Proctor and supported by Trustee Rasmusson to approve the Arts & Sciences 4th Floor Renovations bid.

Trustee Pelleran requested that the Board postpone voting on this bid until an opportunity to tour the location is granted.

There was no support for Trustee Pelleran?s request.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Laverty, Murray, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: Brannan, Pelleran
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Murray for the Board to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation and contract negotiation strategies.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

The Board entered into closed session at 8:11 p.m.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Rasmusson and supported by Trustee Murray for the Board to return to open session.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

The Board returned to open session at 8:53 p.m.


There were no comments from the public.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Proctor and supported by Trustee Brannan for the meeting to adjourn.

Roll call vote:
Ayes: Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays: None
Absent: Canady

Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.

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