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Adopted Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2003
Regular Meeting

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.

Roll Call

Present:  Brannan, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Absent:  Canady

Trustee Canady arrived at 6:04 p.m.

Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.

Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

Linda Uhler - My name is Linda Uhler.  And I wasn't really planning on coming to the Board meeting this evening.  My son and daughter-in-law and 22-month-old granddaughter are here visiting from Japan and I sure did want to spend some time with them this evening.  But when I looked at the agenda for this evening and saw that yet again the Dave Patterson censure was on the agenda, I felt compelled to be here. Since four of you are new to the Board let me take just a few minutes to review some of what I said this December when this issue first came up.  I have been employed at LCC since June of 1981.  And up until March of 2002 most of my 22 plus years were served in the Counseling Services Department providing direct services for students. It was in March of 2002 that I was asked to be on the OASIS core team.  This is a team that was made up of technical experts, content experts, and high level users who have been brought together from across campus to work for new software implementation.  During my tenure here I have seen some hurtful things happen to people, but I've never seen such attacks like those that were made by David Patterson towards Glenn Cerny, Lee Whipple, and Beckie Beard.  Especially the personal threat that was made to Glenn by Dave Patterson during the August 26, 2002 special meeting of the Board.  It concerns me that precedent was set that if someone has a gripe all they have to do is take a rumor to the Board and a full blown investigation will take place.  It concerns me that thousands of dollars that could have been spent on direct services to students were spent instead on not one, but two investigations based on allegations only to find out that the allegations were unfounded.  What kind of message does this send to the community, to our students and to our employees?  How many times do we have to deal with this issue?  How many times do we as employees have to look at a Board meeting agenda and see that Dave Patterson is on it again?  The Board voted to censure.  The Board voted again when for some reason the voting before wasn't enough and the censure passed again.  I'm having a hard time understanding why someone who has threatened LCC employees, who made false allegations about employees continues to receive this much time and attention.  Now it seems that the Board will continue to bring the subject up until a few people get their way.  So here we are with the new Board still visiting some of the old issues.  How many times can the same issue come up?  Is this what you want this Board to be known for?  I would ask all of you to take a look at what happened here and to take measure that something like this does not happen in the future.  Not only is it extremely hurtful to those that have been attacked, but it is hurtful to all of us.  Our image within the community, your image within the community.  Let the censure of Dave Patterson stand.  Thank you.

Nancy Lombardi - My name is Nancy Lombardi.  I would like to address the Board on the agenda item relating to the censure of David Patterson.  As we know Mr. Patterson was publicly censored for behavior in violation of numerous Board bylaws and policies.  I am not here to address Mr. Patterson?s behavior as a former Trustee of Lansing Community College.  The Board has already taken appropriate action to enforce the obligations imposed by its bylaws and the standards of professional and ethical conduct.  I'm here tonight to encourage you to uphold David Patterson?s censure assuming that is the topic of the agenda.  Mr. Patterson?s behavior as a former Trustee was not only in violation of Board bylaws and policies, it was harmful to my colleagues, to our morale as employees of the College, and to the reputation of Lansing Community College.  I appreciate your service to the community and I hope that our current Board will continue to conduct itself collectively and individually in a manner consistent with its rules and bylaws as well as with the other College Board policies and practices.  Thank you.

Barry Stearns - I'm Barry Stearns, faculty member.  I had no intention of speaking, but having seen this on the agenda.  I?d like to remind the Board that three members of the Board were not reelected last June partly because the stance that they took on the Patterson issue as well as other issues.  This is a new Board and this new Board has taken a position of looking forward and I encourage you to continue to do that.  I would prefer that you deal with what has to be done to close that door to the past and move on.  Thank you.

Chairperson Laverty announced that there was one change to the agenda.  The Board will be going into closed session.  He said once the Board returns to open session it's been suggested to move the College Spotlight agenda item immediately after closed session.

The Board had no objection to that change.

Closed Session

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Brannan for the Board to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing items that are under litigation.

Ayes:  Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays:  None
Absent:  None

Motion carried.

The Board entered into closed session at 6:10 p.m.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Canady for the Board to return to open session.

Ayes:  Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays:  None
Absent:  None

Motion carried.

The Board returned to open session at 6:32 p.m.

College Spotlight - Developmental Education

President Cunningham introduced Dr. Judith Cardenas, the new Dean of the Student and Academic Support Division.  She said at the Board orientation the technology initiatives at the College were heavily emphasized.  President Cunningham thought it was important for the Board to see the student services side specifically developmental education.

Dean Cardenas shared that the instructional component of the division consists of the Language Skills and Math Skills Departments, which served over 9,200 students last year.  With an increase number of students requiring developmental education, the division is constantly looking for creative, innovative and cost effective approaches to focus on student success.  Dean Cardenas shared that one of the successful approaches was that of learning communities.  She introduced Mr. Allan Maar, Chairperson of the Language Skills Department.

Mr. Maar gave a brief description of the Language Skills Department, which is dedicated to instructing students whose placement scores indicate skill levels such as at-risk.  The classes emphasize developmental skills in reading, writing, and English as a second language.  The student population for the past year has exceeded 5,300 students and has grown by approximately 30% since the year 2000.  He shared that each year the department has introduced at least one creative initiative and last year it was the innovative and unique Four-Way Learning Community, which had never been attempted by any other college.  The Four-Way Learning Community combined two four-credit basic skills courses which included one reading and one writing course with two two-credit courses in student development.  Mr. Maar introduced Ms. Christina Deland who is one of the instructors of the Four-Way Learning Community.  He played a short CD featuring students from the first community.  Mr. Maar introduced Ms. Carolyn Haase, Chairperson of the Mathematical Skills Department.

Ms. Haase shared that the students in the Mathematical Skills Department are very diverse in their reading, writing, and mathematical skills as well as in age, time commitments and goals.  In order to meet the needs of the diverse population, the department offers six different delivery methods, which include the following:  traditional lecture, lab classrooms, learning center labs, on-line, lab lecture combination, and on-line lecture combination.  Ms. Haase stated that together with the instructors in the student development program a Techniques of Study for Math course was designed.  The course is co-taught by a student development instructor and a math instructor and it reviews general study skills such as time management, textbook, note taking, test taking strategies, and relates these skills to Mathematics.  Showing connections between counseling, advising, and student development courses and the academic areas is very important to student success.  Ms. Haase introduced Ms. Betty Barks who helped design the course.

Mr. Maar introduced two students from the Four-Way Learning Community, Ms. Ashley Persons and Mr. Mark Vang.

Ms. Haase introduced a student from the Techniques of Study for Math course, Ms. Pam Rymanowicz.

Ms. Parsons thanked the Trustees for having given them the opportunity to speak tonight.  She is in her second semester at Lansing Community College and was involved in the Four-Way Learning Community in fall of 2002.  Ms. Parsons stated that her reading score wasn't high, but after participating in the learning community, her reading level increased to the college level, where it should be, in only one semester.  The course allowed her to be more comfortable speaking in public and gave her the self confidence to succeed in life.

Mr. Vang thanked the Board of Trustees for allowing him to address them tonight on behalf of the professors, community, and his fellow classmates.  He also participated in the Four-Way Learning Community.  He shared that he is taking pre-med courses to become a pediatrician.  Mr. Vang shared that this course has helped him to continue his motivation in college and in life.

Ms. Rymanowicz participated in the Techniques of Study course.  She said for the older adults it gives confidence and additional assistance to get through Math.  Ms. Rymanowicz is currently a marketing and management student and it took her six terms to get through math, which was the only subject holding her back from getting a degree.  She has attempted different delivery methods for Math; however, without the Techniques of Study and Math Anxiety courses she may not have made it through.

Dean Cardenas shared that national statistics show that there is a 42% success and retention rate in remediation courses.  Of first time generation students approximately 25% succeed and are retained.  She said at Lansing Community College there is 100% retention due to the program.  Dean Cardenas expressed how proud they are of the students and staff.

Trustee Pelleran stated that the Board went through an extensive program review process several years ago.  She said it was a difficult time; however, funds were diverted to developmental education because there was a community demand.  Trustee Pelleran thanked the students, Dean Cardenas and the staff that participated in the presentation and the instructors for having met the needs of the community.

Chairperson Laverty thanked the staff and students for having spoken.  He stated that President Cunningham and he have discussed having a spotlight at each future Board meeting.

President Cunningham asked all of the staff that participated in designing the courses to stand and be recognized.

Chairperson and Board Member Reports


David Patterson Censure

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Canady to rescind the censure of David Patterson.

Roll call vote:
Ayes:  Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays:  None
Absent:  None

Motion carried.

Emergency Purchase Provision

Chairperson Laverty provided a rewrite of Section III, D, 2 of the purchasing policy.  The rewrite reads as follows:

?D.     Purchases exceeding $100,000

2.                 In cases where a regularly scheduled Board meeting is not imminent and delaying a purchase would cost the College an undue expense or in an emergency situation [?emergency? defined by various dictionaries as (emphasis added): an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action; a sudden crisis requiring action; an unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with urgently], the President will inform the Board Chairperson or his/her alternate of the need to proceed with a purchase and request his/her approval.  A special meeting of the Board will be called if deemed appropriate, timely, possible, or practical.  If a special meeting cannot be scheduled, because of the urgency of the situation, every effort will be made to contact all Board members prior to final approval being given by the Board Chair or his/her alternate.  Members of the Board shall be notified of the final disposition of the purchase and its approval immediately.?

The Board agreed to vote on the rewrite at the next Board meeting in order to allow more time for review.

Chairperson Laverty announced that he had the opportunity to tour the Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Technology and Learning Center today.  He was impressed with the facility.

Board Members

There were no Board member reports.

President's Report

Informational Items

College Spotlight

This item was moved to the top of the agenda.

Human Resources



Judith Cardenas, Dean, Student and Academic Support Division


Joseph B. Long, Surgical Technology, Human and Health Services, Human, Health and Public Services Division

Sharon Cooper, Developmental Math, Student and Academic Support Division

Jonathan Margules, Developmental Math, Student and Academic Support Division

Marcine Smith, Developmental Math, Student and Academic Support Division

Karen Smydra, Developmental Math, Student and Academic Support Division

Board Environmental Scan Book

President Cunningham stated that the Board will be receiving the scan books next month.  These books will contain topics occurring in the community, state, and country that may impact finance, government, or other issues facing the Board and will serve as a resource guide for future discussions.  There is a planning session tentatively scheduled for January of 2004.

Electronic Board Packets

Mr. Rich Howard stated that Trustee Proctor had suggested having the Board packet provided electronically.  He said the first electronic Board packet will be piloted.  All Trustees will be given a Starport account which will give them access to the College's portal and a workspace where the Board meeting materials and requests for information will be placed.  Mr. Howard said the campus and the public will also have access to the Board packet electronically.  Those that do not have access to technology will be able to receive a paper copy of the packet.

Trustee Canady asked if the paper copies will be available at the meeting or will it be up to the Board members to print the materials and bring them to the meeting.

Mr. Howard responded that the Trustees will be invited to print the materials and bring them to the meeting.

Trustee Canady would appreciate having a paper copy available to the Trustees the day of the meeting.

Chairperson Laverty asked if training would be available.

Mr. Howard responded that easy step-by-step instructions will be provided.

Action Items

Approval of Minutes - June 25, 2003 Special Meeting; July 31, 2003 Organizational Meeting; August 20, 2003 Special Meeting; August 26, 2003 Special Meeting; August 27, 2003 Special Meeting

President Cunningham submitted the minutes for the Board's approval.  She explained that the tape for the August 27, 2003 meeting broke.  However, the Board secretary had taken notes at the meeting, which is what is included.  President Cunningham stated that individuals that spoke during public comment were notified and given the opportunity to provide their comments.  She stated that by law the College is not required to tape the meeting, but is required to keep minutes of the meeting.  President Cunningham said in the future a duplicating system will be implemented.

Trustee Pelleran referred to page 3 of the August 27, 2003 special meeting minutes.  She said it should be changed from ?The Board agreed to the friendly amendment? to ?Trustee Canady agreed to the friendly amendment.?

Finance - Approval of Bids

President Cunningham presented the following three bids for the Board's approval:  

1.                 MTEC/TTC Doors, Frames and Hardware in the amount of $490,000.  The bid was awarded to Sahr Building Supply of Lansing, Michigan, which was the lowest and deemed most advantageous to the College. 

2.                 MTEC/TTC Building Electrical in the amount of $4,483,000.  The bid was awarded to Quality Electric of Holt, Michigan, which was the second lowest bidder and deemed most advantageous to the College.  Summit Contractors was the lowest bid; however, their bid did not meet all requirements per plans and specifications, consequently they withdrew their bid. 

3.                 Earthwork & Site Utilities for the new Human Health and Public Service Careers and Administration buildings in the amount of $538,000.  This bid is under a project labor agreement.  It was awarded to WPM, Inc., which was the lowest, and deemed most advantageous to the College.

IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Pelleran and supported by Trustee Canady to approve the President's report.

Roll call vote:
Ayes:  Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays:  None
Absent:  None

Motion carried.

Public Comment

There were no comments from the public.

Trustee Pelleran - I?d just like to say that I know this afternoon there was a packet of material that was dropped off by former Trustee Todd Heywood and it said he would be here tonight to discuss it.  There?s a cover letter on it that says, ?Todd, you are the only one I am giving this to.  I'm too afraid to turn it over to the Board.  Do with it what you will.  Please don't let us down.  A friend.?  During the past three years at times when there's been discourse on this Board there's been a lot of anonymity.  I know that most of this stuff in here Mr. Heywood had FOIA?d himself.  So I don't know who the friend is.  I think it must be Mr. Heywood.  There are allegations in here about Trustee Laverty, Trustee Brannan, about me.  I think this Board has had enough of smear campaigns, allegations, innuendo, misinformation, insider ball, outsider ball and all sorts of things.  And as I said when the new Board was brought forward and sworn in we would be a team and we would work out in the open, full public view, and that's the way I intend to play this game.  And I would encourage Todd Heywood to approach me at any time with any allegation that he has about anything.  And if anyone says something I would sure appreciate their coming to me directly.  One of the things I?d like to clear up is there's an issue about my running for city council.  I've pulled out of that race for personal reasons and I've shared those with the entire ward.  I've never run against Joan Bauer.  Joan is a personal friend of mine.  I love her dearly and I?d like to help her get elected.  There was an allegation that I was running against Joan Bauer perhaps there was a conflict on the Foundation Board because I've been assigned to that committee.  From the beginning of my tenure at Lansing Community College I've done nothing but help them.  When the President was inaugurated, we raised $26,000 to make sure that not a dime came out of the general fund and I was a part of that (tape ended).

Trustee Canady - (tape ended)?when I receive anonymous information I may or may not read it depending upon how interesting it is.  But I never take action on it.

Chairperson Laverty - I?d just like to say that I and this Board are committed to moving the College forward.  Certainly we've had some chapters in the history of the community college over recent years and I?d just like to say that those are behind us and we're committed to moving the College forward.  And we're going to do what we said we were going to do.  we're going to be accountable, professional, what have you.  My short term on the Board here has been extremely enjoyable.  Working with all of the Trustees.  Trustee Rasmusson, Trustee Canady and the individuals that I ran with in the election, Trustee Pelleran.  I've had numerous meetings with President Cunningham.  I spend a few hours with her every week.  we're working hard to communicate and establish rapport and trust.  And we're going to try to move this college forward and work in an open environment.  Try to minimize the closed sessions.  Try to minimize the special meetings.  Obviously we've got a lot of exciting things coming up in the future of the College with Delta Township as well as downtown.  I'm extremely excited about everything that's going on down here.  It's a fantastic institution.  Anybody else have anything?

President Cunningham - I?d just like to also add for those of you that weren?t here during Kickoff how very much I am enjoying moving forward.  The actions that were taken tonight were actions that we all believe should have been taken in order to move the College forward and do what's best for this institution.  We've talked about that.  This is exactly what needed to happen to move us forward in terms of litigation and anything else that might occur.  Also in terms of working with the Board.  There have been so many rumors out there and I've tried to address that issue during Kickoff, but please know that I have not experienced anything except complete support from each of these new Board members around this table.  They are willing to roll their sleeves up, willing to go the extra mile.  Evidence of that was with the three special meetings that they?ve had in a week, and the amount of time, effort, and energy that they are willing to spend in getting up to speed.  Trustee Pelleran, other Trustees, Chairperson Laverty and I are all looking forward to the future and a productive future.  I don't know if that needed to be said.  I think I've said that everywhere that I've gone.  Just in case some of you didn?t hear it or weren?t there, I just wanted to say it again and add my sentiments.


IT WAS MOVED by Trustee Canady and supported by Trustee Pelleran for the meeting to adjourn.

Ayes:  Brannan, Canady, Laverty, Murray, Pelleran, Proctor, Rasmusson
Nays:  None
Absent:  None

Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

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