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Special Meeting
January 7, 2003
5:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order by Chairperson

  2. Roll Call by Secretary to the Board

  3. Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

  4. Board Vacancy - Reduction of Applicant Pool

  5. President's Contract Update

  6. Purchasing Investigation Invoices - Additional Hours/Board Budget

  7. Enrollment Update

  8. Service Review

  9. Contract Faculty

  10. Budget Update

  11. Remaining Policies for Board Approval Update (Drug Free Workplace; Employment of Relatives ? Nepotism and Workplace Consensual Relationships; Organ Donor; and Working From Home)

  12. Finance
    A.  Approval of Bids
         1.  Automated Degree Audit Process
         2.  Fire Truck    
        3. Life/AD&D/LTD Insurance for Employees

  13. Closed Session

  14. Public Comment

  15. Adjournment

Lansing Community College Trustees

LCC Board of Trustees
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