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December 9, 2002
5:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting

I.                  Call to Order by Chairperson

II.                Roll Call by Secretary to the Board

III.              Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

IV.         Limited Public Comment Regarding Agenda Items

V.          Chairperson and Board Member Reports

A.     Chairperson

1.         President's Contract

2.         Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule

3.         Bylaws and Policy Committee Update

a.            Smoking Policy Amendment

b.      Organ Donor Policy

B.     Board Members

1.      Trustee Olga Holden -      Foundation Board

2.      M-TEC Ground Breaking

VI.            President's Report

A.     Informational

1.      Human Resources

B.     Action Items

1.      Approval of Minutes -       November 18, 2002 Regular Meeting

VII.      Public Comment

VIII.     Adjournment

Lansing Community College Trustees

LCC Board of Trustees
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