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BIT Process

  1. Members of the LCC community may refer students of concern to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) using our online reporting system. However, if you feel that there is an immediate threat or danger, please contact the LCC police at 517-483-1800 immediately to report the concern.
  2. The process is initiated with the submission of the report using our online reporting system. The report should include a detailed narrative of the behavior you witnessed that concerned you. Following the report, a member of the BIT will receive the information and conduct a preliminary investigation. If the member believes that the student has concerns appropriate for a BIT review, the BIT chair will be contacted to discuss the case, possibly leading to convening the other members of the BIT in an adhoc meeting requiring immediate attention or at the next regular BIT meeting.
  3. Conduct that should be reported to the BIT includes, but is not limited to: self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt, talk of suicide or suicidal action; erratic behavior (including online behavior) that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings of LCC students, faculty, staff, or community; threats of a weapon on campus; significant inappropriate disruption to the community; behavior compromising the safety of others; uncharacteristic alcohol and drug use; displaced anger; sudden changes in demeanor; any other concerning behavior.

Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Division
Gannon Building
2nd Floor - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1200
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