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Youth Programs - Science & Mathematics Challenges Program Topics

LCC science youth programsChemistry - Solve a crime using forensic science laboratory techniques. Work in the Chemistry lab to analyze evidence found at a crime scene. Lansing Community College police officers will explain techniques used to solve crimes. Then, practice forensic science.

LCC science youth programs

Physics - Explore many principles of physics using the Physics lab on campus. Light, color, sound, typology and the motion of objects are common topics.

LCC science youth programsPhysiology - Study exercise physiology using your own body and then begin to understand the structure of muscles, tendons and joints in the Physiology lab. Observe muscle models and explore how muscles work.

LCC science youth programs

Mathematics - Study the mathematics of tessellations, and then construct your own. Or, begin to understand the geometry of spirals and other geometric forms, then construct your own.  This session will help relate mathematics to your world.

LCC science youth programsComputer Science -  Learn computer language and develop a computer program that uses that language. During this session, you will become a computer programmer.

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For more information contact:
Christel Marschall
Jeannine Stanaway
Phone:  517-483-1637
5400 - Science & Mathematics Education Center
Lansing Community College
P.O. Box 40010
Lansing, MI  48901-7210

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