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The Centre for Engaged Inclusion

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion

Mission and Vision

MISSION: The Centre for Engaged Inclusion engages the campus and Lansing area in building an equitable and inclusive community through intellectual exploration and collaboration.

VISION: We envision a community where everyone has a sense of belonging and possibility, and is empowered to cultivate an equitable world.

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The Centre is located in the Gannon Building Room 2204. We are located next to the Student Life Office.

PHONE: (517) 483-1616


Monday - Thursday: 10-6
Friday: 10-3

Fall 2017 Program Schedule

Faculty Open House
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

The Centre Open House

Stop by the Centre for Engaged Inclusion for the 2017 Faculty Open House to learn about the fall programming for the Centre, opportunities for collaboration, and to meet the new coordinator. The open house will be a time to connect with other faculty, pick up a copy of the fall schedule, and enjoy coffee, tea, and cookies. The open house will happen over the course of two days, September 5 & 6, from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Both days will have the same content, so feel free to stop by either day. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

– Vincent, Centre Coordinator

Difficult Dialogue:
Restoration and Reconciliation
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

Join the Centre for a short talk about the process of Peace and Reconciliation through Peacebuilding. Local, national, and international influencers around the world seek to reduce conflict and create thriving communities and countries through the lens and practice of peacebuilding. As part of the Difficult Dialogue Series, we will be discussing how peace can be created in places experiencing devastating conflict.

Deaf Awareness Week
Survival Signs
Various Times
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

The International Week of the Deaf is commemorated every September. This celebration is a global movement to raise awareness about the life, culture, language and rights of deaf people. Full inclusion through sign language is this year's theme. In harmony with that, Lansing Community College has planned daily activities to raise awareness-including six Survival Signs workshops.

Film and Discussion:
HUMAN: The Movie
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

Using testimonies and aerial images, filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand confronts the realities and diversity of human conditions. After part of the film and discussion series, HUMAN: The Movie showcases the realities others face in different pockets of the world. The discussion will engage participants in a dialogue about their personal worldview and how that view is similar or different from others. Included in the discussion will be tips and tricks to better empathize and understand the perspectives that others may have.

D&I Toolbox Session:
Cross-Cultural Competence
1:00, 2:00, & 3:00pm
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

The purpose of the Toolbox Sessions is to provide a condensed introduction to a concept that pairs it down to its most fundamental components. The goal is to create a shared experience between peers and colleagues by sharing concepts relating to Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom, Workplace, and Community. The brief sessions focus on providing practical approaches to engaging in diverse teams and incorporating strategies to enhance collaboration through inclusion. Each session is conducted a 30-minute presentation to introduce a concept and one or two practices that can be immediately used in the Workplace, Classroom, or Community. The goal is to use these skills to create more equitable, creative, and diverse teams that increase productivity by engaging diversity beyond its traditional lens.

Difficult Dialogue:
Destigmatizing Mental Health
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

Join the Centre for a short talk about Destigmatizing Mental Health. As awareness and support increases for those who experience mental health challenges, it is important that negative stigma be reduced surrounding mental health. In recognizing this challenge, the Centre would like to start a conversation about the facts related to Mental Health, while debunking myths associated with mental health challenges.

Intergenerational Student Panel
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

In partnership with the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Centre is hosting an Intergenerational Student Panel to discuss a variety of learning styles, teaching styles, and how people from different generations experience of education. Participants will hear from students and faculty about their educational experiences as well as some best practices for engaging students at various points in their educational journey.

One Book One LCC Workshop:
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

One Book One LCC Workshops align with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which is the 2017-2018 book for One Book One LCC. In addition to broadly discussing creativity, participants will learn how creativity influences success. As a result of participating, individuals should gain new insights about creativity and how it relates to their personal and professional pursuits.

Pecha Kucha:
Stories of Diversity
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

Pecha Kucha Night, now in over 900 cities, was devised in Tokyo in February 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. The Centre for Engaged Inclusion is adopting the presentation style, which consists of 20 slides each advancing after 20 seconds, which results in a presentation that lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Each presentation will focus on one area of diversity and inclusion and given by a faculty, staff, or student that is connected to the campus.

One Book One LCC Workshop:
Time Management
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

One Book One LCC Workshops align with Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which is the 2017-2018 book for One Book One LCC. As part of the One Book One LCC program, skill-based workshops are provided to better prepare students, faculty, and staff on how to become success. Time Management is an essential skill for nearly everyone’s success. Participants will gain skills directly related to managing time in a way that increases productivity and reducing procrastination.

Discussion with Dr. Hernandez
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

Join Dr. Hernandez for a discussion about facing adversity and overcoming the challenges that you may encounter on your personal and professional journey. What drives you to overcome the difficult circumstances you face? How can you navigate new and uncomfortable environments? Dr. Hernandez shares his personal insights and an encouraging message that is sure to leave you feeling empowered to overcome adversity.

Music and Culture Series
Postponed to Spring 2018
Various Locations

The Music and Culture series brings together musicians from the community, the College, and beyond to discuss how music and culture influence one another. Join the Centre for Engaged Inclusion is listening to various performers and musicologists who can give insights into how music and culture are intertwined both historically and creatively.

Refuge Lansing Exhibit
Various Times
Library and Centre for Engaged (GB 2204)

Refuge Lansing is a storytelling project celebrating decades of refugee resettlement in mid-Michigan. These are stories about families who have fled violence and persecution in their home countries and are now an integral part of the Lansing region – buying homes, starting businesses, sending their children to local schools, and adding to the diverse quilt that makes us such a unique and welcoming community. The exhibit will be hosted in partnership between the Library and the Centre for Engaged Inclusion through the One Book One LCC program.

Refuge Lansing Panel Discussions
Centre for Engaged Inclusion (GB 2204)

The Refuge Lansing Panel Discussions are made up of a local organization that specializes in working with people who are refugees, individuals from the community, as well as faculty, staff, and students. The panel discussions will debunk the myths of what it means to hold refugee status, give insights into stories of success, and create awareness about the resources that are available within the college and community.


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Gannon Building, Room 252.02, next to Student Life Office
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Partnerships and Resources

Service Learning

We are cultivating the next generation of civic activists who embrace the needs of their local communities. For more information contact Anne Heutsche at 483-1037.

College 101

For more information contact Margo Whalen at 483-9662.

PRISM Alliance

Our mission is to educate, support, and empower LCC faculty and staff to establish and maintain a safe and inclusive environment in which all individuals may lead their lives openly and authentically. For more information contact Jeanne Donado at 483-1307.

Black History Committee

The Black History Month Committee is dedicated to facilitating the education and celebration of the rich heritage of African Americans in History. For more information contact Robin Moore at 483-9616.

Women's History Collective

For more information please contact Lisa Haston at 483-1274.

Hispanic Heritage Committee

For more information please contact Monica Del Castillo at 483-1924.

Native American Committee

For more information please contact Eva Menefee at 483-1904.

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion at Lansing Community College

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion
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