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Password Expiration Update

LCC Students, Faculty and Staff

On Wednesday, April 29 several thousand system user passwords expired.  This event was not planned or expected.  On behalf of the LCC ITS Division, I would like to apologize to all for the confusion and disruption this event created.  We are very aware of the College’s academic calendar and will never intentionally schedule a system implementation or upgrade during critical times such as the beginning or end of a semester or during course registration.

We have conducted an investigation into the cause of the password expiration event and believe the following occurred.  During late October 2008, ITS began the process of loading information for over 100,000 user accounts into the new Identity Management System.  This system will require that passwords be reset every six months; which is considered to be a best-in-class approach to securing technology user accounts.  During the load process the password expiration dates were initially set.  Just prior to going live with the system this past January, a password synchronization process was run to capture any password changes that had been made since the accounts were loaded.  We believed that this process would also reset the expiration date to a new date six months into the future, giving us the time needed to prepare communications and procedures to guide the campus community through the password change process.  Unfortunately and unknown to us, the expiration dates were not reset.  As a result, six months after the load process started last October, passwords began to expire.

What this means is that passwords will continue to expire for additional user accounts over the next several weeks as the six month point since they were loaded is reached.  Now that we know what happened, ITS will try to develop, test and implement a process to reset the password expiration dates, for those accounts not already reset, to a date several months into the future in order to stop further passwords from expiring.  This must be done carefully so that we do not make a bad situation worse.  In the meantime, please consider following the “account claiming” process to reset your password in order to avoid its expiration.  This process can be initiated from the Star Port login page “Claim my account” link.  If you have any questions or experience any problems with this process, please contact the LCC Help Desk at or 517-483-5221.

Kevin G. Bubb
Chief Information Officer
Lansing Community College