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LCC Student Awarded Aviation Scholarship from Experimental Aircraft Association

April 1, 2016

LANSING, MICH. - Jordan Jones never held back, never made excuses, and never let anything stand in the way of his dreams. Even his deafness.

Born with profound hearing loss, Jones says he grew up within a "hearing world," presented with challenges that prompted him to excel.

"I live in a world of spoken language," Jones says. "I work hard to adjust to that world. I teach people how to communicate with me. I teach people that I matter. And I teach people that I am able."

Today, Jones attends Lansing Community College (LCC) as one of two first-year deaf students in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program. It was a dream that grew from his passion to move fast, one, he says, that originated from speed-based pursuits like swimming and running.

"I also developed a love of roller coasters," says Jones, recalling how he worked at Cedar Point just so he could ride every day. "Somehow, that passion grew into airplanes. Sometimes I would plan trips with the most connecting flights, just for the thrill of the takeoff and landing."

Jones' passion took flight when he heard about LCC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program. Moving to Lansing from the Detroit area in 2015, he wasn't exactly sure how he would afford college, but persisted by working two jobs to balance his student loans.

Then, things got a little easier. Midway through his first year, Jones was named the 2016 recipient of the Newberry Aviation Scholarship from the Experimental Aircraft Association—Chapter 55 in Mason.

"When I found out I was selected, I thought 'wow,' they must really know how hard I am working,'" says Jones. "I feel very proud of that and appreciative."

Jones says not having to worry about the cost of tuition, books, and tools enables him to focus completely on his studies. His goal, he says, is to master the basics about airframes, power plants, and airport safety, and then transfer to Western Michigan University for his bachelor's degree. Afterward, he would like to work for a small company and later a major airline.

"My parents pushed my brothers and sisters and I to try new things until we find what makes us happy in life," Jones says. "When you realize your passion, you just want to know everything there is to know about it. That's how I am with airplanes. Rollercoasters, too."

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