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LCC Program Receives Grant for Student, Community Collaboration through Fine-Arts

September 30, 2015

LANSING, MICH. - The High School Diploma Completion Initiative (HSDCI) program at Lansing Community College (LCC) has been awarded "The Heart of Student Success" grant for fine-arts.

The project, "Emergence: Out of the Box," offers students an opportunity to collaborate with community artists in three stages; introductions to artists and artistic techniques in book arts, workshops with artists at community venues, and an exhibition. Students that participate in this project will learn about the creative industry and will benefit from hands-on opportunities to create art in small groups.

"I am particularly excited because this project will give our students an opportunity to exercise their creativity and learn about creative enterprise from artists and activists in the community," said Kelli Hatfield, program director for HSDCI.

The HSDCI program is designed to provide students with the tools to be successful in a demanding society and career. HSDCI classes are LCC courses where students earn college credit concurrently while completing diploma requirements. While HSDCI courses are mainstream college courses that are part of curricula at LCC, instructional methods at HSDCI are customized to maximize the learning opportunity for high school students.

"The HSDCI program serves students who are at-promise," Hatfield said. "Many of whom have dropped out or disconnected from traditional systems, at times in part because their creative tendencies and talents are unable to be fostered."

HSDCI was awarded $3,115.52 for the fall 2015 semester, which will be used towards supplies for the project, including exhibition space/venue honorariums and artists’ compensation for workshops and exhibition.

With student teams and volunteers, artists Mey (M.D.) Hasbrook and Sandra L C Cade will transform a collection of box-like objects into unique works of book-art. Workshops will combine teaching creative technique and introducing the arts as a career.

"Emergence: Out of the Box is a community-arts collaboration that is a year in the making thanks to generous partnerships with AA Creative Corridor of REO Town and the nonprofit MICA Gallery of Old Town," said Hasbrook. "It's an exceptional opportunity that brings together at-promise Lansing youth with arts professionals and venues."

"Having met the incoming HSDCI students, I know that each brings a unique perspective," said Cade. "My goal as an artist educator is to support and challenge participants as we collaboratively explore individual gifts. It's exciting to embark on this creative journey together!"

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