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LCC Launches Three New Certificate Programs for Tech-inclined Students

August 5, 2013

LANSING, Mich. - Three brand new certification programs through Lansing Community College will help students start or strengthen careers by exploring current information technology practices in business.

Beginning fall 2013, LCC's Computer Information Technologies program will roll out certificates in mobile applications, residential networks and convergence technologies. These "stackable" programs are designed to build on one another, seamlessly integrate with other LCC programs, and enable students to increase their employment prospects.

"These new certificate programs help students get experience, update their job skills, or work their way toward an associate degree," says Ed Suniga, CIT program director. "And like all our programs, these certificates allow students to gain expertise through a variety of learning methods."

The Mobile Applications Development program leads to certification as a mobile applications development specialist as well as credit toward a computer analyst associate degree. Students develop apps based on business needs and learn how to test, roll out and maintain the applications they create.

The Residential Networks program examines basic technology that supports a home network. After completing the certificate program, students will be trained to install and maintain multiple components in home computer networks including audio, video, security monitoring, wireless and other intelligent devices. This certificate integrates with LCC's residential construction and HVAC programs and leads to a degree in networking information and security.

The Convergence Technology program prepares students to design, service and maintain home or commercial systems that merge multiple technologies into a single network. Coursework focuses on cloud computer and storage, virtualization, sensor technologies and mobile applications. The program leads to certification as a convergence technology technician as well as an associate degree in networking information and security.

"We are totally focused on infusing our programs with real work experience," says Suniga. "Our goal is to help students get the credentials and experience they need so they are ready to adapt to whatever environment they land in."

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