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What Textbooks are Required for My Classes?

Check out LCC's Textbooks and Bookstores webpage and Course Syllabi.

Can I borrow my textbook from the Library?

Curbside Pickup: Students wishing to check out items will need to make requests through the Book and Calculator Request Form where you can select your item(s)* and schedule a date and time for pickup. Please direct any questions to or 517-483-1626.

*Laptops are NOT included in this process. Please call 517-483-1038 to check out a laptop.

Textbooks may also be available with an option below:

Where can I purchase my textbook?


Ask a Librarian 24/7

Find textbooks and other materials on reserve for your class.

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What Textbooks are Required for My Class?

Check out Course Textbook Requirements and Course Syllabi.

How Long Can I Use Textbooks on Reserve?

  • 2 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 1 Week

What if I Return a Course Reserve Item Late?

Learn more about paying fines for late course reserves. Course reserves do not accrue fines when the library is closed.

Can I reserve a Textbook in advance to pick up later?

No, you cannot reserve a textbook in advance. Textbooks are first come first serve.

What I Want is Already Checked Out?

You may ask to be on the waitlist for a course reserve that is checked out. When you are placed on the waitlist we will need:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • If you want to receive a phone call or text

You will have 30 minutes after you have been notified to pick up a 2-hour course reserve.

You will have until 12pm the next day after you have been notified to pick up a 48-hour or 1 week course reserve.

Can I Renew a Course Reserve Item?

Course reserves can be renewed by phone as long as the item is not overdue or on the waitlist.

How Many Textbooks on Reserve Can I Use?

You may have up to three items checked out at any one time.

Where Can I Find Textbooks on Reserve?

All textbooks on reserve are located at the Checkout desk.

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What does it mean to give a textbook to the library?

Giving a textbook to the library allows us to loan the material out to many students over the course of a semester. This is still considered your textbook and we can house it for one semester or as long as you would like.

how do I place a textbook ON RESERVE?

  1. Fill out our Course Reserves form.
  2. Once you have completed the form you can deliver the book to the library yourself or we can have one of our student staff members come pick it up from you. If you would like us to pick the book, please call Robin Moore at x9616. If you would like to mail the book via inter office our mail code is 1510.

can the instructor's copy of the book be put on reserve?

Yes, any version of the book can be donated as long as students are able to use it for class.

how many hours should the book be on loan for?

We always suggest if you’re donating one textbook to place it for 2 hours, that way more students will have access to the book. This is not a requirement though. If you want, you can also put it on loan for 48 hours or even a week.

What books does the library purchase?

We purchase general education textbooks.

how do i get my material back?

At the end of each semester a library employee will contact you to see if you want the library to continue to house the book for you, if you would like the book returned to you, or if you would like to update the textbook to the newest edition. If you want it returned, you will receive it in 2-3 business days.

how long do you generally keep textbooks?

That is up to you. When filling out the online form you have the choice to pick one or two semesters. If need be you can pull the textbook at any time during the semester.

how many copies do you need?

The more the merrier. Two copies allow us to have a 2 hour and 48 hour textbook, giving students longer access for projects or complex assignments while still providing others with consistent access. That said even just one reserve makes a world of difference for many students.

can students leave the library with the textbook?

The restrictions we place on students are time-bound rather than location based. Students are free to go wherever they would like with our reserves.

What happens if the textbook is not returned?

Our fines and reminders serve as deterrents and keep textbooks circulating. If the textbook is not returned within two semesters, we will replace the textbook ourselves at no cost to you.

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Can I Get a Free Textbook?

Find out if your class uses Open Educational Resources (OER).

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