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Office 365

Office 365 is the new system that provides us with our email, calendar and SharePoint. 

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Outlook Web Mail and Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Mail and Calendar

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Restoring deleted e-mail

First we suggested checking your Deleted Items folder. If you have already emptied your deleted items folders you may still be able to recover your mail.

  1. In Outlook go to the tools menu
  2. Click recover deleted items
  3. Click on the email you want to recover
  4. Click the recover selected items icon (looks like an envelope with an arrow)


Checking your Quota

  1. Log into MyLCC
  2. Click Outlook Web
  3. Click the settings gear
  4. Click options

Creating a Signature in Outlook Web

  1. Log into Outlook Web through myLCC
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right, next to your name
  3. click options
  4. Click setting on the left
  5. Enter your signature text, select desired options and click save.
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Setting a signature in Outlook

Requesting a return receipt using Outlook

Creating a rule in Microsoft Outlook

You may want to create Rules (Filters or Agents) for Workflow Notifications, LCC_EMP memos, or ***SPAM***. A rule in Microsoft Outlook work client-side (only in Microsoft Outlook).

Quickly add a sender to your personal Contacts

Does Microsoft Outlook have type-ahead-addressing?

No. Microsoft Outlook uses a feature called Auto complete to quickly address message. Microsoft Outlook remembers and stores the E-mail addresses you type in the From, To, Cc, and Bcc boxes. When you begin entering a previously typed E-mail address, Outlook automatically recognizes it and completes the text for you. To accept a suggestion, all press the Enter key.

Why do I have a message in my Inbox with the subject ***Postmaster***?

Spam is unsolicited commercial E-mail. Virus and Spam checking is done server-side before mail messages arrive in your inbox. Messages identified by software on the server as spam have ***Postmaster** prefixed to the subject. Users can setup a rule to automatically move these messages to another folder.

Please forward SPAM that is not marked to

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If you have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a Service Request form or call the Help Desk at 483-5221 (1-800-644-4522 - for long distance). Choose option 4

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