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Student eRefunds PLUS

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LCC processes student refunds through TouchNet and ECSI. This process allows students refunds to be sent using ACH to a students designated bank account resulting in students receiving their refunds faster and more securely.

The student refunds is not the same as the installment payment plans offered.

What is eRefunds PLUS?

eRefunds PLUS is a service that allows you to set up a designated bank account to receive student refunds electronically through direct deposit. Direct deposit is the fastest and most secure way to receive refunds. eRefunds PLUS will also allow a student to apply for a Discover Cashback Checking account if the student does not have an existing bank account.

How do I set-up eRefunds PLUS?

  • Log into Banner through myLCC.
  • Click Student.
  • Ensure your student profile contains a phone number, address, and date of birth.
  • Click on TouchNet Student Account Center.
  • Select the eRefunds tab.
  • Click on the "Make Your Refund Choice" box.
  • Select either the Direct Deposit option box or the Discover Cashback Checking option box for the new account.
    • Direct Deposit Selected:
      • Provide your bank account information - Account Type, Routing Number, Account Number.
      • Enter the address, phone number, and email address.
      • Review the information for accuracy and click submit.
    • Discover Cashback Checking Selected:
      • A separate internet tabs opens to the Discover application page - complete the personal information screen and click next.
      • Click next to enter your electronic Signature Consent.
      • Review the Deposit Account Agreement, click the checkbox next to your name, and click next.
      • Review the W-9 Tax Certification, enter your social security number or taxpayer ID number, click the checkbox next to your name, and click next.
      • Review the Account Center Banking Agreement, click the checkbox next to your name, and click submit.
      • Answer the questions on the Verify Identity screen and click the Verify Your Identity box.
      • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Online Registration (User ID, Password, type of computer being used) and click the Register Me box.
      • The student will be directed back to the Delivery Method Pending screen which informs the students how the approval and communication will be completed by Discover.
      • Upon approval the student will receive a Cashback Checking Account Confirmation email.

Why would I have a refund?

The majority of student account refunds are generated by financial aid credits. However, credit balances may also result from other transactions such as tuition and fee credits, overpayments and duplicate payments.

How will I know if I have received a refund?

An email will be sent to your LCC email account notifying you of the refund.

Can I change my current refund preference?

Absolutely. Log in to myLCC and your Self Service Banner account. Select the TouchNet Student Account Center and click on the eRefunds tab. You can change your preference anytime.

Will the change to my refund preference affect my current refund?

That depends on whether or not the refund has disbursed. If it is still pending delivery, the change may go into effect.

I do not have an existing bank account, what are my options?

ECSI through TouchNet will offer students the choice to apply for a Discover Cashback Checking account. This option can be reviewed and applied for during the refund selection process.

Will my personal information be shared with ECSI through the TouchNet Student Account Center?

No social security numbers will be shared. The only information that will be shared during the refund selection process is your LCC email, phone number, address and date of birth. These items are required for identity verification purposes only and are done through a secured server. If you select an existing bank account for your refund, at that time, you will input your bank name, routing number, and account number. If you apply for a Discover Cashback Checking Account, you will be redirected to a different secured server to fill out the banking application which will request you to input more personal information.

Will I have a card issued automatically?

No. The only time a card will be issued to a student is after the student has chosen to apply for and has been approved for a Discover Cashback Checking account.

What if I do not select a refund preference?

A paper check will be mailed to the student. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: Students with no refund preference selected will receive a paper check in the mail up to 21 days after refunds are disbursed do to the processing involved in paper checks. This is why it is highly encouraged for all students to select a refund preference to enable fast and secure delivery through ACH to the desired bank account.

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