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Transforming Learning Through Teaching (TLTT)

Summer 2020
Facilitated by Megan Lin
May 26 - July 2
Synchronous Sessions on T/R from 6pm-8pm will be required occasionally. Schedule will be provided by the instructor on the first day of class.

Fall 2020
Facilitated by CTE Staff
September 8 - November 24
Biweekly synchronous sessions on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm will be required. Schedule will be provided by the instructor on the first day of class.



"...rediscovering my passion for teaching. That is what was lost and what was found in this seminar. This is where you can connect with the college and really feel like a part of it. This seminar is refreshing, inspiring and validating."
- Gina Przybyl, Community Health Service Education

Transforming Learning Through Teaching (TLTT)

Summer 2020: This six-week session begins Tues., May 26 - Thurs., July 2. Plan on synchronous sessions from 6pm-8pm on Tues. and Thurs. each week.

In this transformative course, a collaborative approach is used to model various teaching and learning strategies and create a faculty learning community. Whether you are new to teaching, or have loads of experience, you won't want to miss this unique experience!

This course provides an opportunity to...

  • Connect with faculty from across disciplines to share, explore, and reflect upon current teaching and learning practices.
  • Experience various teaching and learning strategies from a student's perspective.
  • Apply newly learned techniques with the support of colleagues.

Popular session topics include:

  • Learning from the Learners (LCC students participate in this session)
  • Preventing and Addressing Disruptive Behavior
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Creating an inclusive classroom (face-to-face and virtual)
  • Characteristics of the Community College Learner

"Initially, I was hesitant to take the seminar, afraid it might be too theoretical without any direct application ... But from the very first session, you set me straight! In every session I learned something that I will use to be a better (more effective) teacher."
- Mobashera Hallam, Developmental Math

"...Through material presented, interactions with the instructor, and fellow faculty members, I was able to gain new insights into teaching techniques that create a more active and engaged learning environment. TLTT also renewed my outlook on students and the unique challenges they face; it also equipped me to help them be successful. As an adjunct faculty member, I valued the opportunity to meet colleagues from other disciplines, share best practices, etc. It was very encouraging. This course is absolutely a worthwhile investment of your time!"
- Nikki Gruesbeck, Health and Wellness

For additional information contact Laura Cottrell at (517) 483-1444.

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