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Workshop Direct Links

Faculty Orientation

Make Your Course Material Accessible!

Accessibility for Face-to-Face Classes: Where to Start

Recap of D2L Updates

Kaltura Basics

Healthy Voice Use for Speaking

Publish Your OER Materials: Pressbooks/StarPress

Captioning Kaltura Videos in D2L

CMS Accessibility Checklist and Revision Plan Training

Podcasts: Relatable Content in the Classroom POSTPONED

How I (try to) Teach Socratically

Information Security: Best Practices for Faculty

Customizing Streaming Videos from Library Databases

Mini Lecture Captures & Big Lightboards

Preparing Students for Success Beyond the Classroom: A Perspective on Black Males in Higher Education

What Can the NCAA Tell LCC about Student Success?

Make Your Course Material Accessible!

Accessibility Tools in D2L

Making the LCC Library Work for You: Resources for Faculty and Students

Safe Zone Training

Safe Zone Training Part One

Safe Zone Training Part Two

Safe Zone Training Part One

Safe Zone Training Part Two

Survival Signs

Survival Signs II

Best Practices for Working with an American Sign Language Interpreter

Emergency Response Education: Training First Responders and the Deaf Community

How the Web Uses You (and Your Students)

Using Multiple Choice Questions: Best Practices in Assessment


Games and Gamification

The Bricks and Mortar of Community

Practicing Wholeness: A New Approach to Leadership Development

Who Owns What? The New LCC Intellectual Property Policy

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know

Intro to Creative Commons Licensing

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