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Cultural Portraits

Fall 2021
Facilitated by Martine Rife
September 8 - November 10
ORT (Online Real-Time), required live WebEx sessions on Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm.

Course Description

What is a "cultural portrait"? Think of a cultural portrait as your composed story (in a medium of your choice), in which you construct and reflect on your own culture in the context of teaching and learning. Why cultural portraits? In our aim to implement anti-racist pedagogies, cultural self-awareness is a fundamental starting point. Understanding one's own culture in the context of other diverse cultures, is a lifelong exercise in self-awareness. During this course, we will explore the importance of cultural self-awareness and how that self-awareness applies to the creation of one's "Teaching (or Work) Philosophy". This is a pass/fail course that will require weekly ORT meetings, discussions, assignments and the capstone Philosophy.

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