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LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification (TOC)

Summer 2017
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
June 5 - July 31
Online Only

Fall 2017
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
September 5 - November 22
Online Only

Spring 2018
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
January 22 - April 20
Online Only

Fall 2018
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
September 4 - November 21
Online Only

Spring 2019
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
January 22 - April 19
Online Only

Summer 2019
Co-Facilitated by Rebecca Lawson and Susan Halick
June 3 - July 29
Online Only

This online course has been designed specifically for faculty who will be teaching online and/or hybrid courses.

The minimum requirements to participate in this training include:

  1. Currently teaching at the post-secondary level.
  2. Basic computer skills, including the ability to:
    • Use email
    • Add and open attachments in email
    • Create new files
    • Modify existing files
    • Save files in commonly used word processing program formats
    • Copy and paste text
    • Download and install software

Course Outcomes

Upon completion, the successful participant will be able to:

  • Apply basic skills and knowledge relevant to teaching in the online environment.
  • Create a Desire2Learn course site which is easy to navigate.
  • Create a comprehensive and clear syllabus and use effective strategies for creating a community in the online classroom.
  • Compare and contrast the appropriate and potential uses of web-based applications and educational technologies to enhance student engagement and promote active learning (e.g., discussion forums, PowerPoint, chats, blogs, social networking, etc.).
  • Distinguish among and employ a wide range of assessment strategies.
  • Identify resources and strategies available to LCC students to help them be successful in online courses.
  • Identify strategies and resources available to help faculty manage their time and workload when teaching online.
  • Describe how Master Courses, Learning Object Repositories, etc., work together to more efficiently manage content.
  • Locate and utilize resources available for requesting support and for more effectively using LCC’s Course Management System, Desire2Learn (i.e., the Help Desk, eLearning’s Web site, Request Forms, the Faculty Community Group, Center for Teaching Excellence workshops, etc.).
  • Apply LCC’s Course Management System Standards and Policies.
  • Select a specific technology tool (e.g., Jing, Respondus, etc.) or best practice and demonstrate how to apply it to one's online course.
  • Demonstrate proficiency utilizing the current Course Management System, Desire2Learn.

Please note: Participants can expect to spend a minimum of 12-15 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters and a minimum of 15-20 hours per week during the Summer semester engaged in the twelve week online course during the Fall and Spring Semesters. While this is an online training, it is not self-paced. There are things to do, learn, reflect on, and submit nearly every day. There are specific deadlines for each assignment, discussion forums, etc.

Cancellation Policy: Seven (7) calendar days or more before course - 100% refund; Two (2) to Six (6) calendar days before course - 50% refund; One (1) calendar day before, or later - 0% refund.

To register for this class, complete the Interest Form below. For additional information contact Annescia Dillard at (517) 483-1407.

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