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"LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification" Follow-up Survey

Your feedback is critical to helping us improve the "LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification (TOC)" seminar and understanding how effective it was in preparing you to teach online.

Now that you have had the opportunity to teach an online and/or hybrid course, and reflect upon your experience, please complete this brief survey using the scale below.

Name (optional): (Leave blank to submit this evaluation anonymously.)

If you have not taught online since completing the "LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification..."

Check this box if you have not taught online. You may skip the survey and go directly to the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page.


As a result of participating in the "LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification,"...

1. I felt confident in my ability to teach online.

2. I became more proficient using ANGEL.

3. I effectively implemented some of the strategies modeled or discussed in TOC.

Please specify what assignments and/or activities from the seminar you utilized and why.

4. I effectively employed strategies for creating community in my online course.

5. I effectively employed various assessment techniques.

While teaching online...

6. I taught...
a previously developed online course.
and developed a course not previously offered online.

7. I was prepared for the time involved in teaching online.

I found the workload to be...
Less than expected
What I expected
More than I expected

8. I knew where to go and whom to ask when I needed assistance.

I received assistance from: (please check all that apply)
Did not receive assistance
CTE Staff
Lead Faculty
eLearning Staff
The Help Desk
Course Coordinator
Other (please specify):

9. The assistance I received while teaching online was helpful.

10. In retrospect, what suggestions do you have for improving the "LCC/CTE Teaching Online Certification" seminar?

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey!

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