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Potential Topics for Emailed Teaching Tips

Please use the stars to reflect your interest in the topic, with 1 star being the lowest value and 5 stars being the highest.

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1. Tips for Creating a Learner-Centered Syllabus
2. Developing Assignments (i.e., Summative Assignments and Grading Systems, Tips on Giving Feedback and Returning Students' Work)
3. Learning Contracts
4. Email Management
5. Strategies for Making Lecture Notes Available Online
6. Making the Most out of Office Hours
7. Tips on Teaching Millennial Students, Genexers, Boomers, etc.
8. Tips on Teaching Adult Learners/Nontraditional Students
9. Approaches to Teaching Students with Disabilities
10. Tips on How Students Learn (i.e., Pre-assessing Students Knowledge, Strategies for Establishing a Deep Foundational Knowledge for Learning, Metacognition Strategies)
11. Getting Students to do Their Homework
12. Note-Taking Tips for Students
13. Testing (i.e., Developing Test Questions, Alternatives to Testing, Tips on Returning Exams, Preparing Students for Tests, Dealing with Test Anxiety)
14. Classroom Management Issues (i.e., Preventing Incivility, Addressing Disruptive Student Behaviors, Addressing Dominate Students)
15. Cheating (i.e., Detecting Cheating, Preventing Cheating, Addressing Cheating)
16. Copyright Issues
17. Active Learning Strategies
18. Alternatives to Lecture
19. Teaching by Questioning
20. Effective Use of Guest Presenters
21. Using Case Studies
22. Making Labs Meaningful Learning Experiences
23. Time and Stress Management Strategies (i.e., Tips on Reenergizing Yourself)
24. Activities to Reenergize your Students
25. Tips for using Humor in the Classroom
26. Making the Most of Instructional Aids and Technology

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