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Annotated Bibliography Process Instructions

  1. When a new book arrives at the CTE, the support staff will send it to the library for barcoding.
  2. Once the book has returned from the library, Tracy will assign the book to the appropriate CTE staff member based on his/her area of expertise and interest.
  3. Upon receiving the book, please add your name to the Annotation Log in the CTE_Library_List.mdb database found at Y:\EXECOFF\CTE. (Please note: this link to the Y-Drive will only work on campus.)
    • Open the database by double-clicking the icon.
    • Once inside the database, click the Annotation Log command button. This will open a new window with the Annotation Log.
    • Type your name and your book information into the empty row with the asterisk.
    • Once completed, exit the log by closing the window. You will be asked if you want to save the record, say 'yes'. Then exit the database.
    Adding your book to this database will allow the staff to determine if a book is lost/misplaced or being annotated, should someone come to the CTE looking for a specific book.

  4. You have one month to create an annotation. The annotation can be a few sentences, or a short paragraph. To create an annotation:
    • Familiarize yourself with the contents of the book. Examining the table of contents, the foreword, and the introduction can be helpful.
    • Read as much of the book as is necessary to understand its content.
    • Outline or take notes of the information you think should be incorporated in the annotation.
    • Write a paragraph that covers the spirit of the book or article without undue emphasis on any one or more particular points. Please do not write a critical annotation. It is highly recommended that you create your annotation in Microsoft Word, then copy and paste your annotation into the form below.  BEWARE! If you leave this site before submitting, you will lose any information you have already entered into the form.
    For more information on writing annotations check   How to Write an Annotation.
  5. When your annotation is complete you may also recommend additional keywords that can be helpful when searching the library's Millennium database. First check the Millennium database to see which subjects are already listed, you may find that the current listing is sufficient. If you decide to recommend additional keywords, please choose from the Subject Key Words list below.
  6. Submit the annotation to Tracy using the form below.
  7. BEWARE!!!  If you leave this site before submitting you will lose any information you have already entered in the form below.
Thank You!

Choose from the Subject Key Words list (PDF)

Please complete this annotation within 30 days. Thank you!

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