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Videotaping and Analyzing Your Class

Watching a videotape of yourself teaching can be an extremely valuable assessment tool. Videotaping allows you to view and listen to the class from the learner's perspective. By analyzing a videotape of the dynamics in your classroom, you will gain valuable insights into your teaching by identifying techniques that work and those that can be refined.

Faculty members at all levels and in all disciplines have benefited from observing videotapes of themselves in the classroom. The Center for Teaching Excellence's Presentation Room, TLC 326, is equipped with video cameras and is available to faculty for videotaping. The following guidelines have been developed to help you with the process.

General Information

  • Call the CTE at 483-1680 to reserve TLC 326 for videotaping after the onset of the semester. It is a good idea to leave yourself approximately 30 minutes to prepare the room before the class starts. You may also consider reserving the room a few days in advance of your videotaping in order to familiarize yourself with the equipment. (Please note that the last week in each semester this room is reserved for "Get the grades out week", when TLC 326 is open to faculty as a quiet place to grade papers, etc.)
  • Invite your class to meet in TLC 326, where the videotaping will take place. Be sure to let your students know in advance that the class will be videotaped. Explain why you wish to have the class videotaped. You will need to bring a blank VHS tape with you.
  • Select a typical class. Choose a class in which you are teaching as you normally do, using the overhead projector, handouts, etc.
  • There are 4 cameras in TLC 326, each offering a different view of the presentation room. Consider taping your students as well as yourself. Taping your students will allow you to see student responses and reactions to your teaching.
  • You may feel uncomfortable or awkward at the beginning of the taping, this should dissipate as the class progresses. Focus on your teaching. Keep in mind that you will be the only one to view this videotaping unless you choose to let others see it.
  • The document, Using Media Resources in the CTE's Presentation Room, contains specific guidelines for using the equipment in TLC 326. The CTE staff are also available to explain how to use the equipment and answer any questions you may have.

Useful Documents


Videotaping is an ideal observation method because it provides a record of the actual transactions and work activities, and is potentially one of the most powerful forms of self-assessment. Whichever techniques you choose when analyzing your videotape, remember Have Fun!

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