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Test Feedback Questionnaire

A brief feedback questionnaire is attached to an exam to allow students and instructors to examine what they are learning from the test. It also allows students to share their perception of the exam in terms of fairness, quality, etc. Depending on the questions asked, it may also require students to reflect on their role in the exam process.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Type two to five questions you would like to ask your students that might improve the test. Or, have students develop the questions. See a sample test feedback questionnaire.
  2. Either attach these questions to the end of the test, or provide it as a separate questionnaire.
  3. Build in extra time for students to respond to the questionnaire.
  4. Compile results and share appropriate information with students.


  1. It reinforces testing as a learning experience.
  2. It shows students that the instructor trusts and respects their judgment about the learning process.
  3. It requires students to reflect on their role in preparing for a test.

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