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Teacher-Designed Feedback Forms

Students anonymously fill out a multiple choice/scaled response, one page form, with 3 to 5 questions the instructor would like feedback on.


  1. On one page, type three to five specific questions about your teaching that you would like feedback on. (See example)
  2. Develop either multiple choice or scaled response questions. (Or, have students come up with questions they would like to see on a form. They could develop these either individually or as a group activity.)
  3. Administer during the last 10 minutes of class, approximately three times per semester.
  4. To encourage honest, anonymous responses have students turn them into the office or place in an envelop and return to your mailbox.
  5. After analyzing and summarizing the feedback, share the results with your students, as well as the specific action(s) you intend to take as a result of their feedback.


  1. It demonstrates your commitment to the instructional goals and your respect for the students' opinions.
  2. Also, you are modeling the value of inviting evaluation by others, which may be an important technique in their chosen career.
  3. Feedback is anonymous because students do not sign the form or write comments.


Here is a sample feedback form.

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