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Electronic Mail Feedback

In a course where all students have access to e-mail, the instructor poses a question(s) and invites students to respond within a specific time period.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Determine if all students have access to e-mail. If not, provide information on how to access.
  2. Develop sample questions such as the following and either distribute at the end of class or post using e-mail:

    If you were the instructor, what one change would you implement to make the assignments more meaningful?

    If you were the instructor, what one specific change would you make to enhance learning in this course?
  3. Designate a specific time period students need to respond.
  4. Compile and share results via e-mail to include the following:
    • Reinforce an atmosphere of mutual respect by thanking them for their feedback.
    • Discussion of the entire report is not necessary, but the instructor should note what stood out both in terms of the helpful and not-so-helpful feedback.
    • Share which suggestions you are willing to act on and which ones you are not and why.


  • Students who may feel uncomfortable speaking up in class, may feel more comfortable giving feedback in this forum.
  • Convenient and efficient for instructor and students.
  • It extends office hours because it allows more time for communication. This may be important to students who commute or have a variety of commitments outside of school (i.e. children, jobs, etc.).

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