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Academic Software Grant Application

Please complete the form below to apply for an Academic Software Grant.

This is a:

Please note: The CTE does not fund upgrades for software previously obtained through a CTE Software Grant.

The following table is used to identify additional hardware/software requirements that may be required for use of the proposed new software. (Please fill in all items.)

Requirements for New Software Configuration of Your Current System
Help Your current/software required Operating System.

i.e. Microsoft Windows

Help Your current/software required amount of memory (RAM).

i.e. 512MB

Help Your current/software required amount of disk space.

i.e. [ 200 MB ] [ 74.5 GB ]

Help Any type of expansion card (PCI, PCIX, etc.) or device that your software may require.

i.e. Video Input PCI Card, and S-Video Cable

Will the new software require access to any additional resources through the local campus network not presently available? (e.g., creation of static IP addresses, act as a server, generate unusual network traffic etc.)

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