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CTE Library

The CTE's library of books, journals, and videotapes is located within the Center for Teaching Excellence. LCC faculty and staff can leisurely browse the CTE's library, or use the search box above to find specific items. To widen your search, use the "Search the LCC Library" link below. To check out library items, visit the CTE in TLC 324 during Open Hours.

Links to LCC Library and Other Selected Libraries

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Library of Michigan
Michigan Electronic Library
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Library Resources General List

Current Publications and Journals Available in the CTE

  • The Online Cl@ssroom
  • The Teaching Professor

Past Issues Available in the CTE

  • Change
  • Cooperative Learning and College Teaching
  • The Journal of Faculty Development
  • The Journal of Student Centered Learning
  • Adjunct Advocate
  • Multicultural Education
  • Online Classroom
  • Innovation Abstracts
  • Teaching for a Change
  • Teaching for Success
  • The National Teaching and Learning Forum

Book Topics

Assessment, Collaborative and Cooperative Learning, Instructional Technology, Online Learning, Diversity, Mentoring, Presentation Tools, Research, Discipline Specific Subject Matter, Teaching Development, Teaching Methods and Tools, Teaching/Leadership, Technical Writing and Projects, Teaching Technology, Team Building Reference Materials and many more!


Would you like to see a resource added to the CTE’s library? Complete the form below, providing as much information as you can about the selection. We will review all suggestions to make sure that we do not duplicate existing resources and that new acquisitions are appropriate for the CTE’s mission.

(Please include the ISBN or a link to this item if possible)

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Phone: (517) 483-1680
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