Lansing Community College
How do I report a crime?

On-Campus/In Person

Since the Police, Public Safety and Parking Department is staffed 24 hours a day, individuals may report a crime or other emergency on the Main Campus at room 2110 of the Gannon Building, or on the West Campus at room N181.

Each incident is investigated by a professional police officer.

Our follow-up activities strive to identify and prosecute criminals, recover stolen property and encourage restitution, when possible.


A crime that occurs off-campus should be reported to the police department having legal jurisdiction for that area.

If you are unsure of which department that is, call (517)483-1800 and we will assist you.

Can someone let me into a building after hours?

All employees who have a key and want to enter a campus building after hours are encouraged to contact the Police & Public Safety Dispatcher at (517)483-1800 or in person for their own safety.  Persons who do not have a key and request access to a building after hours will be required to show two pieces of identification and state their reason for requesting admission.

How late are the buildings open?

Most college buildings remain open until 10:30pm Monday through Thursday, closing at 5:30 PM on Fridays, but remain open when scheduled or special events occur.  Saturday and Sunday hours vary to class schedules.  Contact Police, Public Safety and Parking at (517)483-1800 with questions.

Does Lost and Found have my lost StarCards?

Found StarCards are picked up and forwarded to the Police, Public Safety and Parking office on the Main Campus. Contact Police & Public Safety at (517)483-1800 to see if yours has been recovered.

How long do you hold things in Lost and Found?

Police, Public Safety and Parking holds articles in Lost and Found for one semester. If you lost something during Spring Semester, then you would have until the end of Summer Semester to claim your property. Contact Police, Public Safety and Parking at (517)483-1800 with questions.

Where can I find parking on campus?

The Parking Office has information for on and off-campus parking solutions that fit a variety of needs.

Information on Cancelations and Closings

The college doesn't often close, but if we do, here's how to find out if you have class:

Statement regarding inclement weather

It is not an easy decision to close Lansing Community College due to inclement weather. Many factors are taken into consideration including the severity of conditions and the level of threat in the weather forecast. Since students, faculty and staff travel from a broad geographic area, it is nearly impossible to come to a decision that is appropriate for everyone since weather conditions are rarely uniform across the area. A conscientious effort is made to arrive at a reasonable decision considering all these factors.

LCC does not encourage anyone to take unnecessary risks in order to work or attend classes. If the College is open during adverse weather conditions, it is each driver's responsibility to decide whether to travel to the College. Since LCC students are adults and the College is educating its students for the workplace, we have a closing policy more like area businesses and governmental agencies and less like K-12 schools.

Obtaining a copy of a Police Report:

Copies of Police Reports can be obtained by contacting:

J.R. Beauboeuf Director of Risk Management
Washington Court Place
309 N. Washington sq. #150
Lansing, Mi 48933
Ph. 517 483-1730

Contact Us

Police Officers and cadets posing in front on Gannon Glass for a photo
Police, Dispatch, and Student Parking Services
Downtown Campus

Location: GB 2110
Phone: 517-483-1800

West Campus

Location: N181
Phone: 517-483-1500


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