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December 5th, 2008

Hello everyone. Well, we have one more week of this semester will be over. I one will be relived. I have really been stressing over grades. Just like a lot of you are. Twenty one day left before Christmas. What is everyone’s plan for the holidays? I plan on resting and spending time with my grandchildren. I miss spending time with them. They grow so, fast. Also, I plan on studying my 107 math book, and get a head start on the next year.

I plan on continuing learning more about myself. It has been really hard to get use to living alone. It has been so, long since I have been by myself. I get lonely, but I find away to deal with it. Its funny I live upstairs from my son, seem like I can’t cut the apron strings. I waited 18 years from him to move out and come to find out I do not know what to do without him.

By the way does anyone have a good recipe for baked cheesecake? I would like to make one for my children. I usually make them no bake. They love cheesecake. I do not like cream cheese, but they love it.

Do you guys prefer real trees or artificial ones? I plan I have a real small fake one. I have a small place. I really do not like holidays any more it was nicer when I was all together with my family. It just isn’t they same.

Well, have a great weekend. See you soon.


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