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November 28th, 2008

Well this last week has been hectic for me. The end of the semester is really kicking my bum. I wouldn’t think that it would happen like this, but my life has had some major changes that have added to how the end of the semester can be. It all works out though, you can’t really plan for how certain things fall into place.

I am so happy that I finished with my writing portfolio. I worked very hard and hope that it pays off (Thanks to my tutoring sessions too!!). I still have a lot of work with all of my classes though. It seems most due dates are all falling on December 5. I still cannot believe that December is here. I can’t wait for it to be warm again. I know I have a bit of time before then, but I like sunshine!

Hopefully everyone had a nice holiday (Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it). It was nice for me because I was able to hang out with my siblings. It was even better because I got to see my niece. She is so darn cute I couldn’t handle it!!! She is such a happy baby. I was laughing because when I was holding her while she was napping, my sister was cutting a relatives hair, then they started the vacuum up, and my niece didn’t even flinch. How nice that must be for my sister. That must make her life a bit easier to know that her daughter is able to sleep through noise like that without having to worry about being too loud.

Other than hanging out with family this last weekend, I have been working hard on trying to make all of the ends meet for the semester. Some semesters seem to go smoother than others and this one is definitely making me work. I have had a lot of fun through all of it.  Even through all of the stress in life I somehow continue to smile. I am very thankful for a lot, even if it may not seem like much to others. On a different note, has anyone listened to Kanye West’s new album? Love it! Take care. Good luck with finals!

Gretchen G.

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