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Registered Student Organizations

Lansing Community College has an average of 35 Registered Student Organizations each semester; there is something for everyone! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women's interests and sports.

The Student Life Office officially recognizes these organizations through an annual registration process. Once registered, RSOs can plan and sponsor activities on campus, apply for funding, and participate in events.

For more information on how to join a club or organization, or how to start one, call the Student Life Office at 517.483.1285, or visit us in the Gannon Building Room 252.04.

View club policies and sample constitution

Following are active RSOs for the 2013-2014 Academic Year:

American Institute of Architecture Students: Promotes cooperation between student-architects, as well as knowledge of their field.
Co-Advisors  Michele Filipiack, 517-483-7627
                     Daniel Boilman, 517-483-1336 Join this Registered Student Organization

American Marketing Association : Fosters study, research, methods and techniques of marketing.
Advisor Bill Motz, 517-483-1540  AMA WebsiteJoin this Registered Student Organization

Badminton Club: Provides a place for students to learn the game and relieve stress while getting exercise.  No experience necessary and all are welcome.
Co-Advisors Marci Bauman, 517-483-1052
                    Laura Shears
                    Nanaissa Maiga, 517-483-1206Join this Registered Student Organization

Campus Disciples: A non-denominational, Bible-based campus ministry.
Advisor Edwin Bryant, 517-483-1092Join this Registered Student Organization

Chi Alpha: Focuses on bringing LCC Students into fellowship with God.
Advisor James Bender, 517-483-1665 Join this Registered Student Organization

Computer Science Club:  puts together social gatherings, peer education, seminars, and learning about job search opportunities.
Advisor Jun Wu, 517-483-9822 Join this Registered Student Organization

Criminal Justice Club: Provides in-service, training, events and activities for students interested in the criminal justice field.
Advisor  FacebookJoin this Registered Student Organization

Dental Hygiene Club: Helps development of dental hygiene skills and practices.
Advisor Sheree Duff, 517-483-1467 Join this Registered Student Organization

Fashion Art and Design Association: is a group of creative artists and future fashion designers aspiring to experience fashion and art through enrichment, exploration, and community involvement in the Lansing community.
Advisor Anne Wojtkowski, 517-483-1336 Join this Registered Student Organization

Future Teachers' Club: Supports and instructs the goals and objectives of aspiring education students.
Advisor Robin McGuire, 517-483-1189Join this Registered Student Organization

Gay Straight Alliance: Diversity of sexual orientation is a reality. We accept and affirm each person as he or she is. One's non-exploitive sexual practices are deeply personal, and are not our concern. Our purpose is to build bridges of understanding across those barriers that deny human dignity to some, and we may desire speaker's to address these issues on occasion.
Co-Advisors John Stratton, 517-483-4872
                    Louise Rabidoux, 517-483-1142 FacebookJoin this Registered Student Organization

Hockey Club: To encourage and promote hockey in the Lansing area.
Co-Advisors Eva Menefee, 517-483-9674
                    Mark Stevens, 517-483-1507  Hockey Club WebsiteJoin this Registered Student Organization

Information Technology Student Alliance: is an organization for any student in a CIT program or who is interested in Computer Information Technology. The focus of ITSA is to help CIT students connect with each other, with faculty and staff at LCC, and to engage in professional development opportunities and learn about various areas of CIT.
Advisor Sarah Linz, 517-483-1314 Join this Registered Student Organization

International Club: An outlet for developing a knowledge of various cultures.
Advisor Ana Woehr, 517-483-1215Join this Registered Student Organization

Judo/Karate Club:
Advisor Forest Tate, 517-483-1227Join this Registered Student Organization

Kinesiology Club: Provides support to students interested in kinesiology and promotes health & wellness events.
Advisor Ivy Tagger, 517-483-1450 Join this Registered Student Organization

Latinos Unidos(Latinos United): LU formed Fall of 2012, we focus on developing leadership, academic success, community outreach, and cultural awareness within the students and the communities they come from. We provide a common space for students to meet and form support groups to further education and promote life success.
Advisor Santos Gutlierrez, 517-483-9962 Join this Registered Student Organization

Native American Student Alliance: Promotes Native American cultures for advancement of national heritage.
Advisor Eva Menefee, 517-483-9674Join this Registered Student Organization

National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML):
Advisor Judith Plantz, 517-483-1061

Paralegal Association:  Promotes interaction among students enrolled in LCC Legal Assistant program. Helps students keep up to date with the latest developments in the rapidly growing and changing field of legal assistants.
Advisor Reid Felsing, 517-483-1579 Join this Registered Student Organization

Phi Theta Kappa: Mu Tau Chapter of the community college National Honor Society.
Co-Advisors Al Nowak, 517-483-1287
                    Lucy Smythe, 517-483-1434
                    Margo Whalen, 517-483-9962  FacebookJoin this Registered Student Organization

Photography Club: Offers photographic experiences to students.
Advisor Lewis Smith, 517-483-1287 Join this Registered Student Organization

Rise Up: A discussion-based, student-led Bible club.
Advisor Jean Grof, 517-483-1061Join this Registered Student Organization

Sign Language Club: Promotes development of sign language skills.
Advisor Brenda Cartwright, 517-483-9610Join this Registered Student Organization

Student Veterans Association: Promotes the social interests and general welfare of student-veterans and other interested students.
Advisor James Bender, 517-483-1655Join this Registered Student Organization

Students Who Are Transformed (S.W.A.T): This organization will strive to advance awareness of Biblical principles and their relevance to contemporary beliefs and lifestyles, specifically through the advancement of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-combative, friendly, conversational manner. The club may also focus its attention on volunteer opportunities within the social element of the Mid-Michigan community.

Advisor Ted Szymanski, 517-483-1808 Join this Registered Student Organization

Wrestling Club: Open to students who enjoy competition and
seek to stay physically fit.
Advisor Mike Ball, Join this Registered Student Organization

Yoga Club: Offers meditative practices to those interested in yoga.
Advisor Rob Eschbach, 517-351-3056Join this Registered Student Organization

Young Americans for Liberty: To create a more active presence of constitutionally educated young adults in and around the Lansing area and to promote leadership.
Advisor Duane Dietrich, 517-604-0108Join this Registered Student Organization

* If you would like a web announcement providing more information on your Registered Student Organization, please visit the RSO Forms page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Please allow two weeks for information to be posted.

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