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What the critics are saying about the Planetarium Outreach Program:
Children's Comments


"I learned a bunch!"

"I think there is no more to learn about planets.  All that is left to do is fly to the Moon or Pluto."

"Our science teacher teaches us about space.  But she never told me some of the stuff you did."

"Thank you very much for showing us all that stuff about the Moon and showing us the Big and Little Dipper that was cool. Thank you for telling me why we don't feel the Earth rotate."

"I never knew that there were story's about the constellations.  You you sure do know a hole lot."

"I like when you told about Orion and Taurus the Bull. I never knew the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper were also bears."

"The planetarium was really fun.   Went the lady turned out the lights and the stars come out that was really fun."

"I like when the room rotated, it looked cool.  I learn that the room was not moving.  It stay like it should."

"You taught me a lot of things that I did not know.  Like BeetleJuice is a star and stars are born and die."

"You taught us things about the planets that I never knew before.  How do you remember so much?"

"Thank you for teaching us for free.  I really got an impression about how far the Moon is from Earth, and the Earth is from Sun.  I loved seeing the winter constellations."

"It was great.  I have one more question.  Do you have a job"

"You speaked very clearly.  I hope I can go again.  Thank you for being so nice!"

"Thank you for teaching us lots of cool stuff.  I liked the stars names.  Last night I named a star of my own.  His name is Shiney."

"Thank you for letting us see the night sky at the planetarium. The night sky has a lot of stars.  The moon isn?t all ways full it?s shaped like a keresint too.  Thank you again.  Good bye."

"What I thote was really interesting was when a big star dies it forms a black hole.  No buddy knows what is behind a black hole."

"I never could see the constellations entill you showed me.  I like the way you told stores.  You knew all about those buttons."

"I learned that stars do not live forever!"

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