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GRSS on LCC Radio & LCC-TV

Grand River Studio SessionsIt was 2005 when WLNZ began its popular Grand River Radio music series showcasing talented musicians from the Great Lakes region. The concept began as a monthly concert held at unique venues around Lansing. Then LCC Radio reinvented the concept in 2008 as a weekly acoustic show and live broadcast. The tradition continues but with a new direction -- the Grand River Studio Sessions, a LCC Radio and LCC-TV simulcast experience. The goal: create an atmosphere that gives our listeners and viewers the feel of what it would be like to have an artist recording a demo right in their living room. Stories, interviews, and performance are all a part of the Grand River Studio Sessions.

A Q&A with Big Band Swing's Jim Stone

Jim Stone Big Band SwingLCC Radio's Coffee Break host Karen Love recently rattled the brain of fellow radio host Jim Stone from Big Band Swing. BBS is a two-hour long weekly radio program that takes it’s listeners back in time. To a time when the songs of Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald echoed across the nation. Back to a time when swing was king.

Karen Love:
How long have you been doing Big Band Swing?

Jim Stone:
Well, officially I took over a show called “Big Band Saturday Night” in 1986. This show evolved into Big Band Swing a few years later.

What made you want to start doing a show like this?

I was doing a ’50s-’60s radio show and the program director... Read More

The Coffee Break Webpage...

Coffee Break on WLNZThe Coffee Break Morning Show is your connection to LCC and the Lansing community. Co-hosts Jack Robbins and Karen Love talk with a variety of local guests about events, programs, opportunities, and organizations. You can stay up to date with what's happening on the Coffee Break with our web page! So grab a cup o' joe and tune in to 89.7 weekday mornings at 9am or watch the LIVE STREAM on LCC-TV.



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