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Health and Wellness Education

Clicking on a Health and Wellness Education course below will take you directly to the search course listing page, which includes course description.

How to Register For Health and Wellness Education Courses:

  1. Click on the course link.
  2. Choose the semester during which you would like to take the class
  3. Scroll through the "Subject" options until you find Phys Fitn: Health/Fitn Wlns, and highlight with curser.
  4. Click the Get Courses button.
  5. Find the course numbers of the class you want and click the lab, lecture or lab/lecture highlighted link to see times and days offered.
  6. To register you must login by clicking on the secured login highlighted link and following the prompts.


PFHW 100 - Health and Wellness Seminar
PFHW 105 - Medical Alternatives for Health and Wellness
PFHW 123 - Human Nutrition
PFHW 133 - Therapeutic Touch and Yoga
PFHW 163 - Healthy Lifestyles
PFHW 164 - Fire Science Healthy Lifestyle
PFHW 181 - Stress Management
PFHW 190 - Wilderness Survival Tech
PFHW 191 - Wild Food Plants

Health and Wellness Faculty

Name Office Phone E-mail

Tiller Landick
Lead Faculty

GB 353


Physical Fitness and Wellness at Lansing Community College

Fitness and Wellness Program
Health and Human Services Bldg.
Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1410
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