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International Travel

Proposal Form: Study Abroad Summer 2013

Program Title:

Study Abroad Program location:

Do you plan to offer this course for credit, non-credit, or both?


Note: A non-credit option is particularly useful for personal enrichment students, or family members who want to attend along with credit students.

If for credit, name of the sponsoring department:

If for credit, please provide course code and title:

How many credits?

If for credit, majors from which students are likely to be drawn:

Program Length: (recommended 2-3 weeks)

Specific Dates: (recommended 2013 departure after May 15th - return before August 15th)

Anticipated Student Enrollment:

Minimum:  Maximum: 

Cooperating Institutions Abroad:

Proposal Submitted by:

Contact Information:

Phone:  Email:  Mail Code: 

Narrative/Budget/College Approvals:

All proposals must include this program information; a narrative; course syllabus; a proposed budget; and letters of support from the dean or dean's designee of the college.

Narrative Instructions: The narrative portion should include the following information (see sample)

  1. Program description (including outline of classroom activities, field experiences, and guest speakers)
  2. Leader biography and qualifications
  3. Foreign language requirements
  4. Cross-cultural learning opportunities
  5. Health, safety, and legal requirements
  6. Student qualifications and prerequisites
  7. Student enrollment and program marketing plan
  8. Student pre-departure and post-experience requirements
  9. Program evaluation plan