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Research Tutorials

Using Research Databases | Learn About Plagiarism | Learn Search Skills

Using Research Databases

Video tutorials created by LCC librarians.

Learn About Plagiarism

How to Recognize Plagiarism - Indiana University Bloomington

Learn how to identify plagiarism by reading sample student work along with reasons why the work is plagiarized or not.

You Quote It! You Note It! - Acadia University

Learn the differences between paraphrasing and directly quoting from sources. Includes both MLA and APA documentation.

Understanding Plagiarism - Butler University

Compare paraphrased examples of original text to test your understanding of plagiarism. Uses MLA style.

What is Plagiarism? - Rutgers University

A three-part video that explains plagiarism, gives real life examples, and includes a chance to test yourself.

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Learn Search Skills

Learning Objects - Northwest Missouri State University

Learn about narrowing topics, truncation, Boolean searching, brainstorming for synonyms and constructing a search strategy using these interactive tutorials.

Creating a Search Query Exercise - University of Washington

Practice organizing complex searches and compare your answers with the suggested search queries.

Learn the Net: Your Online Guide - Michael Lerner Productions

Learn about how the Web started, how it works, technology needed, finding information, and constructing search strategies. Plus, find out about social networks, managing media, downloading data, e-business, and more!

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STARS Tutorial: Students Tackle Academic Research Skills

STARS Tutorial is designed to teach LCC students how to locate credible and reliable information. The tutorial should take less than two hours to complete.


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