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College IS for Everyone

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By studying hard, planning strategically, and leveraging the right resources, students succeed in high school, college and in life.

A student's primary resources are his or her parent(s) or guardian, high school counselor, and Lansing Community College. LCC is focused on student success from admission to enrollment to graduation and beyond. Together with you, LCC is committed to providing the assistance seniors need for a smooth transition from high school to college.

Students: Include LCC in your career exploration experiences while still in high school. View course offerings, curriculum requirements and more. You can be admitted, request information, and register for classes via the Web.

Choosing the right college

There are many factors for teens and their parents to consider when choosing a college. The junior year in high school is a prime time to narrow down options.

By taking part in career exploration and completing an Education Development Plan, many students will have a good idea of what career to pursue and subsequently what major to declare in college. This factor alone can help narrow down the field of possible colleges to attend—those that offer a program in a student's field of interest. The single factor of choosing to start at a community college versus a university can be a daunting task.

Consider, however, the following two statements from on the myths and realities about community colleges:

“Community college is just like high school.”

Don't let the open-admissions policies of community colleges fool you. Community college is college. You'll be expected to perform at a high level, just as you would at any other college. The fact that anyone can attend doesn't mean that you won't find your studies challenging and enriching. 

“I'll never survive a four-year college after attending a community college.”

Research shows that students who transfer from a community college earn grades equal to, if not better than, students who begin their college careers at a four-year college or university. You may have to weather “transfer shock,” the roughly half-point drop in grade point average (GPA) often experienced by students after their first semester at a four-year college. However, high school students face a similar transition when they start college and also experience a drop in their GPA. If you're like most students, your GPA will perk up soon after your first semester.

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