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C3R General Information

"Passport to Success": Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R)

An initiative of the Lansing Community College

Board of Trustees, Larry Meyer, Chair

The Mission of Lansing Community College

"LCC exists so that the people it serves have learning and enrichment opportunities to improve their quality of life and standard of living."

The Problem

High school graduates lacking a reading and writing foundation appropriate for college-level work must enroll in skill-building classes at LCC. This material deficit in academic skills renders pursuit of college-level occupational or academic programs difficult.  Students enroll in Lansing Community College under a policy of open admissions.  There were 1,973 students entering LCC in Fall 2013 having also graduated from high school in 2013.  1,223 (62%) took at least one class designed to prepare the student to be successful in college level courses.  Of the 1,973 students, 1,969 took reading placement tests, 407 (20.67%) required developmental reading courses.   1,962 took writing placement tests, 648 (33.03%) required developmental writing courses.  Of the 1,973 students, 1,751 took math placement tests, 959 (54.77%) required developmental math courses. 

The Significance

The College recognizes its’ special responsibility to those requiring developmental academic skills and offers developmental courses in reading, writing in The Center for Transitional Learning (CTL) and math in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department.  In addition to developmental courses, the College offers formal programs such as The Early College, for high school students entering their junior year, and the High School Diploma Completion Program (HSDCI) to help students prepare for college and careers. While federal grant programs and other funding sources have provided dollars for formal programs, the resources for developmental classes at LCC, such as financial aid and physical space, are limited.  Strengthening college skills before students enroll at LCC means they arrive at LCC prepared to pursue their college education.  Acquiring these academic/intellectual skills are keys for success and prosperity in the digital age.

The Solution

Through partnerships and a common agenda, the Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R) will seek to ascertain the gap between high school and first-year college and career readiness skills, increase academic success for students PK – post-secondary; improve college readiness and reduce the number of high school students in the tri-county area requiring developmental coursework. It seeks, as well, to increase the college-going rate.  As structured the Coalition will include an Advisory Council, Action Teams and Joint Professional Development.  The Action Teams will include the disciplines of reading, math, writing, and other areas such as technical careers and data. These teams will focus on curriculum alignment in their areas; Common Core state standards, Summer Bridge programming and data sharing while creating a college-going culture through community outreach, parent engagement and professional development.  For instance, the math team will develop a high school senior level math course whose purpose is to bridge high school and college. 

The Coalition builds on existing resources of including Career and Technical education, Capital Area College Access Network, Power of WE, The Early College, High School Diploma Completion Initiative, and the Promise Programs: Hope Scholars, Holt Scholars, Lansing Promise, Mason Scholars, Leslie Aspire and Edgewood Scholars.

Our Team

This project is an initiative of the Lansing Community College Board of Trustees, Larry Meyer, Chairperson. It is executed by Toni Hughes Glasscoe and Elaine Miles, Lead Support from K-12 Relations, Dedria A. Humphries, Professor, English, Richard Prystowsky, Provost and Senior Vice President Academic Affairs; Vicki Deketalaere, Associate VP, Academic and Student Affairs.

Our Methods

In Spring Semester 2014 Professor Humphries of the English, Humanities and Social Sciences Department was engaged to forward four aspects of the work of the C3R.  She developed the Coalition concept in two formats, this paper and a PowerPoint presentation; assisted in the recruitment of college staff and faculty to serve on work teams; and developed a plan for a Summer Bridge Program.  The fourth aspect, gathering and reviewing student achievement data and creating a report will be accomplished this summer.  In addition, during Summer session 2014, efforts will focus on building awareness among external stakeholders and the Bridge Program Pilot.

K-12 Relations at Lansing Community College

Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R)
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