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Areas of Support

Scholarship Support

Through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations, the LCC Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships each year. LCC Foundation scholarships may be targeted to students with financial need and can be based on academic excellence, program enrollment, ethnic or family background, or community service.

LCC Foundation scholarships pay tuition and fees, and in some cases help students purchase textbooks or tools required for their course. When you establish an LCC Foundation scholarship, you can be confident you are investing in the community's future, as 70 percent of LCC students stay in the region to live, work and contribute to the local economy.

Creating a scholarship is an easy and rewarding experience. Scholarships can be established at any time during the year. Scholarship donors can serve on a variety of Foundation committees, receive recipients' thank you letters, and meet and talk with recipients at the annual Scholarship Breakfast. Every scholarship fund created by donors has a letter of agreement signed by donor and the LCC Foundation. This agreement outlines very carefully the award intent of the scholarship fund.

Endowment Gift

A scholarship endowment, providing scholarships in perpetuity, can be established for $25,000. The initial gift is invested, and scholarship awards are determined each year by the Finance Committee and Foundation Board of Directors.

With "growing" endowments, a donor may take up to five years to build the endowment to $25,000. Interest earned during the growing period is added to principle to help it grow. Endowment gifts may be made with cash, stocks or other appreciated property. Endowment agreements may also be established through bequests, trusts and other deferred giving methods.

Annual Funded Scholarship Support

An annual scholarship can be established for $2,000 per year with a three year support commitment. Annual scholarships are funded on a year-by-year basis by the donor. Often, donors wish to build an endowment, but also want to help students right away.

Many endowed scholarship sponsors choose to make two gifts each year until the endowment is self-sustaining, one to help grow the endowment, and the other to be awarded immediately as a scholarship. This solution is a satisfying way to immediately enjoy the benefits of being a scholarship sponsor while building an endowed fund that will support scholarships for generations.

Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund allows the Foundation to help make those dreams come true. The Opportunity fund helps the Foundation meet the day to day needs of students searching for ways to afford a college education. It helps College programs remain available for all students and it supports faculty development.

The Opportunity Fund also helps the Foundation meet day-to-day needs in advancing our core mission. Donors wishing to give a gift to be used for the area of greatest need select this as their giving motive.

Designated Scholarship and Program Gifts

The Foundations hosts over 150 designated scholarship funds all created for specific purposes or criteria established by the donor. To create a named designated scholarship fund, the Foundation recommends a minimum $2,000 a year for a period of 3 years. Donors may suggest criteria for their named scholarship fund.

Creating a named scholarship is an easy and rewarding experience. Scholarships can be established at any time during the year. Scholarship donors can serve on the Allocations committee, will receive recipients' thank you letters, and can meet and talk with their recipients at the annual Scholarship Awards Breakfast.

Establish a Named Scholarship Fund

Year End Gift

The LCC Foundation respectfully asks our Donors to support our Year End Appeal, mailed and online in November each year. The Year End Appeal supports the Foundation General Scholarship Fund and/or the Opportunity Fund. Through the annual appeal, the LCC Foundation continues to change lives and helping students prepare for a successful future in our community.

LCC Divisional Program Funds

Each Division at Lansing Community College has a named fund supported by donors to use for their divisional needs. These funds allow the Divisional Deans to purchase necessary equipment, supplies or support the Division with a special speaker. Sometimes Deans may use this fund to provide students with educational field trips. Please consider supporting your career division at LCC through Divisional Program Funds.

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