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Important Semester Teaching Information

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eLearning Instructional Designers in Divisional Offices

Desire2Learn Course Copy Information

Complete Course Copy

  • Instructions for performing a complete course copy are available at:

  • Complete course copies are processed through a course copy queue. Instructors can navigate away from the screen while the copy is being processed as well as view the status and history of the copy from the Import/Export/Copy Components Tool.
    ***IMPORTANT NOTE: This ONLY applies to complete course copies.

Course Copy in Queue

Complete Component Copy and Partial Component Copy

  • Instructions for performing a complete component copy are available at:
  • ***IMPORTANT NOTE: When performing a complete or partial component copy, DO NOT navigate away from the page until the course copy is completely finished. The course copy is completed when each item has a green checkmark next to it and the words "Items were successfully copied" appear below it.

Desire2Learn Functionality Updates

Information regarding Desire2Learn functionality which could impact those instructors teaching this semester:

  • Grid View Available for Discussions - Instructors and Students now have the ability to choose between the Grid View and the Reading View when accessing Discussions in Desire2Learn. For step-by-step instructions on how to change your discussion viewing style to the grid view, visit:
  • Error When Using Start Dates and Due Dates in Content - If you use Start Dates and Due Dates in the Content area of your course, your students may receive an error when attempting to access the Content area if the Start Dates are in the future. For more information on this error and what you can do to correct it, please visit
  • Are you using the latest version of Firefox (version 25) or Google Chrome? If so, please click below for information about viewing content within Desire2Learn.
  • Display of Documents Within the Content Viewer - Instructors and students may preview documents without downloading the file first, the following functions are impacted:
    • The ability to select and open HTML links in documents and presentations
    • The ability to view animations and multimedia in PowerPoint Presentations
    • The potential for headers, footers, tables, and auto-formatted lists to not appear in Microsoft Word documents
  • Sending Mail to Yourself in Desire2Learn - When you send mail to yourself from within a course, the message WILL send successfully but WILL NOT appear in the course inbox. In order to see the message from within your course, you will need to filter the inbox to "All Messages". Viewing your mail from the My Home page will also show all of the messages from every course, including those messages you've sent to yourself. Desire2Learn is currently looking into this situation.

Desire2Learn Instructor Wiki

Desire2Learn Instructor Blog

Help for Students Using Desire2Learn

Below is information available to students to assist them in using Desire2Learn.

eLearning at Lansing Communtity College

eLearning Department
Technology and Learning Center, Room 427
Phone: (517) 483-1839
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Purpose: The eLearning Live Chat is intended for questions regarding Desire2Learn.

Hours of Live Chat Operation:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

If the Live Chat is Offline, please contact the eLearning Department via email at or leave an offline message within the Live Chat client.

The eLearning Department will respond to emails and offline messages within one business day.