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Design and Construction Management

Our Mission

The Construction Management Program at Lansing Community College is dedicated to providing all students interested in the study of construction with the academic means to achieve their individual goals.  To achieve this mission, the program will structure all curricula, courses, events and activities as part of an instructive learning environment, designed and implemented by field trained professionals, using the latest techniques and Technologies available.  The Construction Management Program will continually seek direction and guidance from a board of advisors who represent a diverse cross section of practicing professionals throughout the architectural, engineering and construction industry.

The Study of Construction Management

Construction Management includes Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management, and CM Professional Practice.  The Construction Manager will find themselves responsible for organizing and leading teams, defining roles and responsibilities, communicating effectively, constructing the project design while delivering a high quality building, in a safe working environment on time and within budget.

The program is committed to developing construction management professionals of the future.  These construction management professionals are trained it the art of leading the architectural, engineering and construction community to build high quality, safe and desirable buildings.  With the ability to lead these teams in an integrated fashion, our graduates will exude the abilities of planning, problem solving, cost estimating, scheduling, supervision, and commissioning.

Our graduates enter the construction industry in various positions with the ability to lead, problem solve and use innovative applications on their projects.  With the hands on experience in several complex building systems including; Concrete, Framing, Civil Technologies, Energy Systems, Electrical and Mechanical, they are able to provide valuable services immediately.

Toward Your Professional Degree

While many of our graduates may follow a traditional path of advancement rising to the top leadership of construction companies, many others build on firm foundations of their degree to develop diverse careers.

Transfer programs to accredited four-year schools of Construction Management in the state of Michigan to students who wish to apply their two-year degree towards a 4-year degree in construction.


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Design and Construction Technologies
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