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Courses - Personal Development

Here are our classes relating to personal success:

SDEV 103

Preventing Parent Burnout

SDEV 118

Stretching Your Dollars

SDEV 121

Exploring Your Potential

SDEV 126

Self-Defeating Behavior

SDEV 142


SDEV 169

Women As Winners

SDEV 195

Building Healthy Relationships

SDEV 204

Self-Defense and Women

SDEV 225

Parenting in the Millennium

SDEV 237

Black Women's Awareness

SDEV 240

Empathy Training

SDEV 245

Dealing with Stress

Course Offerings

Many of the Student Development courses are offered at LCC throughout the academic year and can be taken to upgrade current skills or fulfill degree, certificate and transfer requirements. Visit the Course Schedule and Registration page for information pertaining to courses available during a particular semester.

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