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Workshop Direct Links

Faculty Orientation

Gradebook Drop-in Help

Making the Classroom a Safe Space

Webinar: Creating Prompt and Effective Student Feedback

Stress Management Techniques for Busy People: What Could Be Easier?

A Digital Portfolio of Your Own

Beyond YouTube: Discover Streaming Videos to Teach Course Content

OER-Palooza: Let's Find Some OERs for Your Courses

Kaltura Basics

So You've Chosen an OER, Now What?

WordCamp 101

Introduction to D2L Badges

Gamification: Teaching Content and Building Community While Having Fun!

The Pitfalls and Promises of Team Teaching

Boots to Books: Helping Veterans Succeed in the Classroom

Introduction to Course Design

Grammar "Rules" for the Non-Writing Classroom

Screencasting 101 for Faculty and Students

Kaltura Advanced

Time to Catch Your Breath: Mindfulness in Education

Improving Student Accountability for Completing Assignments

Faculty Involvement in Guided Pathways

Tools to Help Improve Online Office Hours

Paying the Price: Lessons from the OpenEd 2016 Conference

Personalized One-on-One Photoshop Assistance

What Would You Do? Teaching Scenario Round Table

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance for Learning and Health

Google Apps for Education

Student Resources Showcase

Faculty Views of Service Learning

They Said What? How to Handle Critical Student Evaluations

WordCamp 202 (Advanced)

Sharing and Collaborating with LCC's Z-degree Initiative

Using iSpring for Online Lectures

Games and Gamification in the Classroom

Accessibility for Beginners

Webinar: Active Learning in the Online Environment

So You Want ME to Be An ADVISOR?

Advanced Settings in Dropbox, Quizzes, and Discussions

OER-Palooza: Let's Find Some OERs for Your Courses and So You've Chosen an OER, Now What?

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