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Academic Software Grant

This grant allows faculty an opportunity to "try out" new and/or innovative software that can be applied to teaching and learning. Your findings and evaluations may lead to contributing to your department's normal software selection process. Grants are limited to $500 each, and the total number of grants awarded is based on available funds.

Guidelines for Academic Software Grants:

  1. The software should support teaching and learning initiatives at LCC. Usage must be consistent with new software copyright laws, license agreements, and the LCC Acceptable Use Policy. Before new software is purchased, we will submit it for approval via the college’s software approval process.
  2. The initial use of this software is not for public LCC computing labs and/or student use.
  3. Software maintenance, training, upgrades, and documentation are the responsibility of the grantee.
  4. At this time, we are unable to approve grants for mobile apps (i.e., phones, tablets, iPads, etc.).
  5. These grants are intended to provide seed money for innovate software applications. Therefore, once the educational worth of a specific software package is proven, the CTE may not fund the purchase of further copies. Purchases of "proven" software needs to be considered by the departments, divisions or college as a whole (e.g., Purchase of Adobe Acrobat for document posting). Find out what software is not available through the CTE based on these criteria.

To apply, fill out the Academic Software Grant Application.

Questions about this grant can be directed to John Thommen at (517) 483-1444, or via email at

Center for Teaching Excellence
Technology and Learning Center, Room 324
Phone: (517) 483-1680
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