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Teaching & Learning Resources

Assessment Center Cover Sheets
Instructions on how to generate Assessment Center Cover Sheets through myLCC.

Banner Grade Entry Instructions
Use these step-by-step instructions to enter your grades in Banner.

Viewing Class Lists Instructions
Use these step-by-step instructions to view Banner class lists.

PDF file Checklist for New Faculty
This checklist has been designed with new faculty needs and questions in mind. It is not intended to replace any divisional, departmental, and/or program checklists.

PDF file Classroom Assessment Techniques
This booklet about classroom assessment techniques (CATs) was developed to assist faculty in answering the question: Are the students getting it? It is full of useful techniques, is a good source of pre-developed CATs, and serves as a resource for instructors who are creating their own classroom assessment strategies. It includes instructions for using the CAT with your class, how to plan for the CAT and what to do with the data from the CAT.

Classroom Strategies for Fostering Student Retention
This booklet includes twelve key strategies with specific examples for retaining students, which faculty can adapt to their courses.

College Wide Assessment
Visit the College Wide Assessment website to view the resources that are available, such as Assessment Techniques, Assessment Definitions, and much more! This website has been created not only to provide assessment resources to the LCC community, but also to highlight the work of the College Wide Assessment Committee.

PDF file Concourse Reference Guide
This guide has been developed by the Academic Affairs Office to help you use Concourse, LCC's Syllabus Management System. For quick Concourse troubleshooting, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Guide.

PDF file Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
This publication has been developed to provide background on disruptive behavior, as well as to suggest techniques for preventing and/or addressing it.

Developing Your Teaching/Learning/Service Portfolio
In this section, developed by Psychology Faculty Member Sharon Hughes, learn what professional portfolios are, how they are used at LCC, and what is typically included in a portfolio.

Enrollment Verification Instructions
Use these instructions to submit the Enrollment Verification form.

Faculty Orientation Resources
This section provides access to the many resources that are available during the CTE’s Faculty Orientation.

IDEA Resources
The course evaluations that LCC students complete at the end of each semester are a product of The IDEA Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve colleges and universities committed to improving learning, teaching, and leadership performance. To learn more about the IDEA Student Feedback Report, watch the following CTE workshop: Interpreting Your IDEA Student Feedback Report. For articles on improving teaching and learning, check out the IDEA Center's IDEA Papers.

Instructional Videos on Using Classroom Equipment
To learn how to use the equipment in the LCC classrooms, view a podcast video developed by Media Services. These podcasts provide an overview of the equipment located in the various classrooms throughout campus. After clicking on the hyperlink above, click on the appropriate classroom building (e.g., TLC, HHS, West, etc.) to learn more about a specific Teaching Station.

This section is a collection of excellent websites, etc.

PDF file Quick Reference Sheet
This sheet provides easy reference to information, services and resources available to LCC faculty.

Self-Paced Online Workshops
In this section, you will find a variety of self-paced faculty development workshops, which can be taken at your leisure. One of the workshops is entitled "Getting your Class off to a Great Start."

Teaching Tips
This area contains an archive of all the teaching tips the CTE sends out via email.

The CTE Faculty Guide to Resources and Services
This resource guide provides valuable information that new faculty need to accomplish their teaching and learning goals including information about the CTE, LCC policies and systems which impact faculty, teaching tips, and what LCC Students have to say about learning.

PDF file Tour of Online Teaching and Learning Resources at LCC
This guided tour is designed to give you an overview of resources available on LCC's website, which assist you with your online teaching and learning needs.

Thommen's Timely Technology Tips (T4)
This section contains archived instructional technology tips sent out via email. Topics include tips for using "Clickers," PowerPoint, email management, Desire2Learn etc.

Videotaped CTE Workshops
Browse our growing selection of recorded CTE workshops and presentations.

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