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CITA 145 - Microsoft Expression Web

This course provides instruction using Microsoft Expression Web, a full-featured program compliant with current Web standards. Students will use Expression Web (a component of Microsoft SharePoint Designer) to create and manage professional quality Web sites without programming. Topics include using templates, tables, cascading style sheets, frames and interactive forms. (F,Sp)

CITF 125 - Best Practices: ITIL, ISO

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and implement best practices and policies for the IT industry. Adherence to best practice helps strengthen supplier/customer relations, make contractual obligations easier, and improve the market position of service providers seen to be compliant with accepted standards. (F,Sp)

CITF 140 - Information Technologies Ethics

This course explores the ethical dilemmas that confront IT professionals. Ethical codes of various organizations will be studied. Students will learn to apply critical thinking skills to the discussion of ethical questions. Topics will include privacy, intellectual property rights, software development, network administration, and the use of the Internet. (F,Sp)

CITF 225 - IT Service Implementation

IT Service Implementation goes into detail on how Service Management standards and practices are applied within an IT organization. Topics include Performance measurement, tracking, project delivery, and monitoring IT services. (F,Sp)

CITF 250 - Info Security & Risk Mgmt

This course covers management of an Information Security System: development of policies, identification of information assets, analysis of risks, control and mitigation of risks, and regular audits of the correct operation and validity of the system. The course will examine ITIL best practices and the ISO 27001:2005 international standard. (F,Sp)

CITF 280 - Virtual Machine Environments

This course introduces students to popular Virtual System Environments being used to consolidate equipment and simplify system maintenance. Environments commonly used will be examined and worked with, including VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Linux Xen. Students will gain an understanding of implementation considerations and system design requirements. (F,Sp)

CITN 222 - Wireless Networking & Security

This course provides the student with the ability to understand the fundamentals of RF networks and describe the functionality of WLAN components. Students are provided with the skills to install, configure, secure, and troubleshoot WLAN hardware peripherals and protocols. This course prepares the student for various wireless certification exams. (F,Sp)

CITN 224 - Convergence Technologies

This course provides students with the skills necessary to manage basic components of data, voice, and multimedia convergence applications and understand basic problem analysis and resolution for converged technologies. This course includes the CompTIA Convergence+ certification exam. (F,Sp)

CITN 225 - Routing Protocols and Concepts

This course focuses on advanced IP addressing techniques such as: Variable Length Subnet Making, Port Address Translation, DHCP, intermediate routing protocols such, command line interface configuration of switches, Ethernet switching, Virtual LANs, Spanning Tree Protocol, and VLAN, and WAN Technologies. This course follows the Cisco ICND2 objectives. (F,Sp)

CITN 228 - VoIP Fundamentals VoIP

Fundamentals provides the foundation for gaining hands-on skills and understanding of IP based voice packet telephony. Students will use available tools to evaluate the efficiency of IP voice networks while learning how to analyze, discuss, and demonstrate call quality issues and discuss the key standards and technologies in VoIP. (F,Sp)

CITN 235 - Internet Srvcs Admin+Hardening

 This class will cover the necessary skills to implement, secure, and maintain web and Internet services using open source and Linux as a base. Administrators build a server that provides network services such as Login, Mail, Printer, Network Gateway, FTP, and Web Services. (F,Sp - First offering will be Spring 2010)

CITN 244 - Securing Cisco Network Devices

 This course introduces students to basic tasks needed to secure network routers and switches, and gives them practical experience doing so. Students will gain hands-on experience securing Cisco devices. This course is equivalent to Cisco's SND course, and prepares students to take the Cisco Information Security Specialist exam. (F,Sp)

CITN 282 - Computer Forensics

 This course deals with the preservation, recovery, identification, extraction, documentation, and interpretation of computer data. Topics covered include evidence handling, chain of custody, collection, preservation, identification and recovery of computer data. Students will gain experience with current computer forensic tools. (F,Sp)

CITP 180 - Intro to C#.NET Programming

Students will use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to become familiar with the C# .NET programming language by designing, implementing, and testing programming projects. Topics include creating and using methods and classes; inheritance; exception handling, and using controls. (F,Sp)

CITP 280 - Advanced C#.NET Programming

 Students will use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to become familiar with advanced C#.NET programming concepts including database and web programming. Topics include using threads, database interaction using ADO.Net, interfacing to Crystal Reports, and creating web applications. (F,Sp - First offering will be Spring 2010)

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